Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. It is officially fall here in North America...I realize not everyone who participates in the Hodgepodge lives in North America but if you do, what's your favorite memory of Summer 2011? If you'renot in North America, what's your favorite memory of the season just ending on your side of the world?
My favorite memory is going to daily mass with my parents.  One of the boys asked me why I went, and I told him that it was a way to spend some extra special time with my parents.  They're not going to be around forever, you know.

2. Your favorite nut? You know I mean the edible kind, right?
I love pecans to put in recipes, but to eat "straight":  pistachios.

3. What activity puts your sense of balance to the test?
I cheated on this one.  I read and answered the rest of the questions and came up with:  roller skating!  (See #6)

4. How would you describe your sense of humor?
Weird.  If you've been reading my posts for a while, I think you'll understand!

5. September 28th is National Ask a Stupid Question Day...what's your stupid question?
Why do dogs get mad when you blow in their faces, but they'll stick their heads out of  car window when it's moving?

6. Roller skates~hula hoop~jump rope...which activity would you most enjoy? Yes, you have to choose.
It used to be roller skates, but I guess I just don't trust my balance any more.  (See #3!)  Jump roping is just too much trouble, so I'll say:  hula hoop!  Anybody remember the Bozo shows?  I was actually on the local Bozo show doing the hula hoop.  I think the friend who took me with her actually won.  She was good at everything she tried.  (#selfproclaimedmeangirlinhighschool)

7. What's your most sentimental possession?
I don't get overly attached to things, but if I had to pick something, I would say a "Stations of the Cross" plaque that was my maternal grandmother's.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
It took me several hours, but I think I got my FB page cleaned up.  I "unfriended" some people who were really just acquaintances in high school, and "unliked" most of the pages.    I felt like I was missing catching up with some people because of all of the "junk".  Next on the agenda:  twitter.

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  1. I remember Bozo...I'm impressed. I stink at hula hooping.

  2. Mary, your favorite memory of summer 2011 is beautiful. You'll always remember it. Blessings to you!

  3. Ok, your stupid question made me laugh out loud. Rooster totally agreed with you, by the way. :D

  4. I bet it felt good to clean up your FB page; I know I did that the other day with the sites in my favorites here online. It was amazing how many sites I marked and then never got into them again. Reorganized everything; dumped a lot, made folders to categorize recipes, journals, etc. Felt good!

    I think that was a great summer memory with spending time with your parents, especially in that way!


  5. I should have done that with my FB instead of deleting the account. Maybe I can get a new FB and just add my kids. I'm missing my stepdaughter's photos of Monkey bad now. :)

  6. This was hilarious! RE: #8, I have started doing that too, but have also "gone over" to google+. I'm hoping to leave facebook behind soon. I'm tired of all their changes, especially the privacy issues!

  7. I have been teetering on the edge of just deleting my FB account...maybe I'll start with cleaning it up first.

  8. I need to clean up my fb page too. There's way too much clutter on it. You're so right about spending time with parents.

  9. I understand about cleaning up fb and twitter.
    Sometimes I go through and clean up my fb.
    I have been thinking it's time to do it again.

    Happy Wednesday!!

  10. i'm a hoola hoop flunky. ;) and i'm 'this close' to deleting my fb account altogether. too much to keep up with, yes?

  11. The "new and improved" FB is driving me crazy. Why can't they just leave it alone already? Let's not fix what isn't broken, OK?! Grrr

  12. I need to clean up my FB page too. I'm not to happy with their changes.

    I love your stupid question. Too funny.

  13. Great time with your parents...My sister and I went on vacation with our parents just a few years before our Dad was diagnosed with Alz. I treasure the sweet time, before the chaos set in. Sooo glad we had the opportunity to do that.

  14. Beautiful plaque, how nice that you have it. Enjoyed reading your answers. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  15. I don't have an (active) Facebook page nor do I Twitter. I can barely keep up with my blog. I can't imagine having anything more to update!!!

    Love #5!!!!! It's not at all a stupid question! I wonder what the answer is!


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