Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~  Wow.  Another Friday already!  Not that I'm complaining or anything!

~  Why is it that the gas prices go down right after I fill up my tank?  I filled up yesterday morning at $3.08 because I figured if I didn't, it would go up by the afternoon.  WRONG.  It was $3.03 yesterday afternoon.  I'll tell you next time I'm going to fill up so you'll know to wait until the afternoon.  You're welcome.

~  Our flute choir concert is Saturday afternoon, and I'm worried, y'all.  We had our "dress rehearsal" this evening, and our director wasn't happy at all.  She said that it was the worse day of her life, and I don't think we helped it any.  This is just me, but if there's a member of the group who isn't dedicated, she shouldn't play.  I'm really, really worried about how this is going to turn out.

~  We're wearing black for the concert.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a black dress, or even a  black blouse?  I was starting to sweat it last weekend, because I was having trouble finding a blouse to go with a black skirt.  I went into Christopher & Banks and the sales girl showed me one blouse, but it wasn't dressy enough.  Then, she remembered some new ones that had just come in.  It was perfect.  When I went to pay, I pulled out my school id (teachers get 10% off), but the lady had a coupon for 40% off!  Woo-hoo!

~  The church where we're having the concert is gorgeous.  Come back on Monday for pictures.

~  I mentioned the other day that sickness is really hitting one of my schools hard.  Yesterday, the secretary had problems finding subs for the teachers.  One of the first grade classrooms had half of the kids out.

~ I got an offer in my email from Starbucks yesterday for this:
It's "The first ever steel Starbucks card", and I can have it for $450.  It comes with $400 loaded on it.  I think I'm going to have to pass on this one...even I have my limits.

~  I felt pretty accomplished yesterday:  I got the package off to CH's uncle in Denmark, and a Christmas Card to my person for "Very Airmail Christmas".    Just in case you missed it, here's a link:

~  Check back on Monday to see how the concert went.  Hopefully it won't be a disaster!


  1. Good luck with your concert!

    Gas is $3.23 here. :-( But any time I need gas, I can guarantee you that the price will drop within 24 hours of when I fill up.

    Glad you found a nice black blouse - and saved 40%!!

  2. Finding a clothing item at such a deal is super!!! As for the gas prices, yep, that's happened to me too. Go figure. Then, a Steel Card....why you save yourself $50. Hmmmm, but $400?---not much of a 'steal'.

  3. I am just glad gas prices are dropping in general. We got gas here for $2.95 yesterday. Under $40 to fill.

  4. Our gas is $3.59. Between gas prices falling and your 40% off black blouse, you'll be able to buy another one!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Who needs a steel Starbucks card? That's a weird idea.

    Good luck with your concert!


  6. Often a very bad dress rerhearsal means a wonderful performance, we'll hope for THAT this time, K?

  7. I agree with Keetha on the bad dress rehearsal. When I was in drama, that was what we were told.

    Our gas was $2.98. Of course I live in the cheapest state for gas since our state is based on oil and gas.

  8. Your concert will be great and I know you'll be beautiful!

  9. CH is chucklehead right??? Hope the concert goes well . . .Merry Christmas ~

  10. Have fun at the concert - I bet it will be lovely! I will be watching for photos. Merry Christmas!

  11. Hope the concert goes well!

    And gas is $3.05 in TN? I'm so's $3.59 here :(

  12. I wish you the best with your concert!! I always got the jitters before mine. They got pretty bad.

    Gas up here is just nuts right now :-( I actually buckled and got an app that tells me where the cheapest price is.

    Oooh, the Startucks card is pretty... and pricy ;-) I would have to pass too, but so darn tempted!!

  13. Hope your concert went well :) Sorry about all the sickness going around. Hope you can say clear of it! I heard about that Starbucks card, I know we are not buying any of them but I did buy about six $5.00 ones :)


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