Catching Up

I'm having a very difficult time getting motivated to do anything. I've watched an awful lot of Netflix & Hulu...I'm up to date on Blue Bloods, Bloodline, Grace & Frankie, Tyrant, and Between. All of them are good shows & I would recommend. It's a little hard to watch Martin Sheen & Sam Waterston on Grace & Frankie...they just don't make a believable couple.
I've read a couple of books & just got through with my 3rd. I would highly recommend Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius, if you haven't read it. As a Speech/Language Pathologist, it really struck home. I just finished The Rosie Project; I'd recommend this one, too.
I managed to get in a walk with 2 of the girls yesterday. After that I grabbed my camera and walked back over to the park to play around with some of the settings. CH convinced me to take a beginning photography class at a community college. The price was right ($109); it's 5 weeks long and is taught by a man who used to teach at the university. He has photographed celebrities and political figures (including Al Gore). I have to post a couple few of my favorite from my walk in the park:

I grabbed my camera after a rain on Tuesday & snapped these pictures of my Balloon Flower:

(I think I had my camera on automatic for the flowers, but I did the park pictures on the manual setting.)
That's just about the extent of my summer so far. Just taking it easy and enjoying my time off!


  1. I love your pictures, especially the waterfall ones. So beautiful. What a lovely park you have and what a great place to practice with your camera. Hope you will enjoy your photography class, although your pictures look pretty great to me.

    We've been watching Netflix a lot too in the evenings lately. Only, we've been watching some really old shows. Chuck, Stargate and SeaQuest. We've really been enjoying these old shows.

    Hope you have a great summer. Looking forward to seeing more of your pictures as you learn in you class.

  2. Sounds like a great start to summer. Sometimes, you just need to slow down. Love the pics.

  3. You will have fun in your photography class! We offer them at the Art Museum, where I work, and they fill up so fast. Please let us know how you like them and what you are learning! Great photos already however!

  4. Fabulous photos! You've already got a good eye, which I imagine is about half the "battle"? I need to go see if my balloon flowers are blooming yet.

  5. I think you are doing a really fantastic job, Mary! And going out of your comfort zone...being productive and create...fabulous!!


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