The Decision

Someone I follow on Instagram said that people have "unfollowed" her due to her posting a picture of a rainbow flag. Her exact words:

I held off all day in posting this but I think it needs saying. A few times a week, I see something in my feed that I personally disagree with. My reaction, however, isn't to cast the opinions of others aside by unfollowing them. That would make my life not unlike living in an echo chamber. Instead, I'm both firm in my own beliefs as well as belief that others can express themselves differently and openly and that it has no bearing on my life, does nothing to threaten my position, and causes me no harm. We can agree to disagree and still be friends. The divisiveness that causes us to only surround ourselves with like-minded people is not how this great nation was founded. So if a little glittery rainbow flag causes you angst, I'm truly sad. Everyone needs a little ROYGBIV in their lives.

I couldn't agree with her more. Isn't it great that we live in a country where we can stand firm in our beliefs and voice them loud & clear? Americans are a passionate people who are allowed the right to say what we think without fear of government persecution. 

Our Parish Priest posted this on Facebook:
It becomes so tiring to see so much hate using the excuse of faith and morals, and politics. I am sure that Jesus would not turn away people because of their color, background, religion, social status or who they love, the invitation of faith is not dependent on the opinion of those who are afraid of what will happen, but on the love of those who put their trust in His perfect love.

And from our Bishop:
In the same spirit of "attacking" is the "boasting". It's akin to having your team winning a game and then boasting about it. I have to admit that in the past I've also been guilty of that as well. It kind of all goes back to my post about tolerance. If someone posts something on Instagram or Facebook that may not be what I believe, then I just keep scrolling....and bite my tongue. The chances of changing someone's opinion or beliefs are slim, so why get your blood pressure sky-high? 
I love what the Bishop said in the last paragraph: Don't attack. It is what it is, but stand firm in your belief.


  1. Great post! It has been hard for me to be on Facebook since the announcement came and like you I just kept scrolling. I liked some people's posts and passed over others. It was best for me not to say anything yet I wanted to share my thoughts.

  2. Your Parish Priest and you Bishop are wise men. Well said.

  3. I do like what your bishop said. I have just decided to pretty much not talk about it or debate it. I'm not going to change my mind about the topic and debating with someone who might support it is not going to change their mind about it. I am going to be respectful and hope others will be respectful of my thoughts on the matter.


  4. I agree with Terri-- wise people! So is the writer of this post! :)

  5. Exactly. I want to love as Jesus loved. Spewing hate out of my mouth and on my facebook would be the complete opposite of what He taught us.

  6. Very well said. We must become more tolerant of peoples wants/desires/needs in this life; especially if they don't affect our life.


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