Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday
After reading Rebecca's post, my post seems a bit petty, but here it goes:

This week, I’m thankful for…

 ~ air conditioning. Again this week.  CH & I get a good chuckle when the weather people here talk about X days above 90°...when we lived in SC they talked about X amount of days above 100°!

~ the lady who took Rebecca in her arms and held her after she found the biker.

~ someone very close to me receiving some extremely surprising, but good, news after an MRI.

~ friends that will let us drop in on them to spend the night on our way to vacation.

~ a sister and a daddy who have green thumbs and can supply me with some fresh vegetables, because Lord knows CH & I don't have them!
~ Online Continuing Ed. courses. We have to have 12 hours on our own, and I just finished up my 12 (with an extra hour...just in case!) yesterday.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. I so wish I could find that lady & thank her. I'll never forget her face. She had on scrubs like a nurse & I thought, why are you here with me? Go help that man... but she just stood & prayed with me. How strangers come together.

    YIPEEEEE for good MRI news!!!!!

    Others have green thumbs are the best. Reap the benefits.

  2. I am thankful for fresh veggies too :)

  3. Glad your "someone close" got good news and there's nothing wrong with catching some of the benefits of someone else's green thumb...that's kind of what farming is all about. lol

    I think we are all thankful for the woman who comforted Rebecca Jo...and everything else that went on in that situation. God was very busy this morning.

  4. A great list of thankfuls! I did go read about the motocycle accident. How terrible, but praise God he was alive.

  5. I'm not sure that we have green thumbs, but we do manage to get enough harvest from our garden to keep us in fresh veggies through the summer, for which I'm thankful. I agree with Stacy ... we're all so thankful for the woman who comforted Rebecca Jo.


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