Friday Fragments' New Look

Friday Fragments with Star
Since Mrs. 4444 hung up her Friday Fragments' hat, Traci at A Star in My Own  Universe has bravely stepped up and taken over. 

~Busy weekend in the area: there's a festival called Hops in the Hills and Small Town's Freedom Fest is going on. Sounds like a good weekend to stay in the house...or go to the big city!

~ I got sucked into The Bachelorette on Monday. I'm super creeped out by Nick. from last season's stalking to this season's weaseling to get on the show, he's just creepy. Were the guys that boring that they had to let him back on? And why is the girl not getting it? *shudder*

~ I started reading a YA book The Doom Machine, but I just can't go any further. I have no idea why I even bought it. I usually force myself to read books I'm not crazy about, but I just can't do this. Aliens that look like spiders...yuck.

~ I ran over to one of my schools last week to put some stuff up. I looked at materials that I made over the past year, and it hit me: I'm hoping to retire in 10 years...why am I spending so much time buying and making new materials? I should be on the down-slide and not being so encompassed with trying to keep up with the young ones. I'm planning on taking the rest of the summer to take a good hard look at what I'm doing.

~ A few pictures from our "Field Trip"during the photography class I'm taking:
(click for larger pictures)
 The light wasn't great, but we did find some reflections to use as subjects:
 Different point of view:
 In the reflection, I saw the kayak in the back of the truck & thought of OS!
 I like how the ducks look like they're having quite the conversation in this one:

 And, courtesy of google + animation:

~ I saw this guy in the park earlier in the week when I was walking the dogs:

After I took the dogs home, I grabbed my camera and went back to the park to snap some shots. I saw him again this morning, but in a different part of the park.

 See what everybody else is fraggin' about at A Star in My Own Universe.


  1. Love those photos. You'll certainly have something to keep you busy when you retire. I too try to stick it out to the bitter end on books that I do not like, but sometimes there are books that are just not worth our time ... there are too many good books out there waiting to be read. ;-)

  2. Festivals are mostly very funny ! Nice pictures !

  3. I didn't know why Mrs444 stepped down - is she OK?

    Oh mercy - Nick... creepy is a GOOD word for him. Ew!

  4. Hops in the that beer related? We're supposed to have a rainy afternoon and Saturday, but Sunday might be nice. We are hoping to get over to Philly this weekend and see The Tall Ships. My nephew has been in sailing camp all week and they got to see a lot of them come in from the water. So fun! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I like how google animates your series of photos. Ducks dealing with issues - could be blog, book, or band name.

  6. Cool looking heron! I end up getting sucked into shows too, LOL. Told hubby after American Idol this year was over, until time for it next year, I wasn't going to get sucked into anything, then caught Master Chef one evening, and the rest is history, LOL. My MIL was a teacher, she had lots of things for her classroom and accumulated a lot. When she retired, she just kept the stuff and it eventually had to get thrown away because of how it was stored. Kind of sad she hadn't passed it on to others or had a garage sale for the stuff, whatever. Maybe you could do something similar?


  7. I really enjoy your pictures. In fact, I posted a picture of ducks today too, but yours is much better. Mine were running away. lol

  8. Hops in the Hills sounds like a beer festival. Your photos are great and I am intrigued by the animated flags! Nice.

  9. So glad you joined me this week! I am creepily sucked into this year's Bachelorette, too. I do not trust Nick either. Great pics. See you next week,

  10. I like the new look and enjoyed your photos! That animation is cool.


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