Husband and OS are on their way home.  YAY!  It's been nice to just have to take care of myself & YS, but it will be nice to have Husband home.  OS was suppose to start classes yesterday.  Luckily the university he goes to doesn't have the policy that the big university where MS goes:  If they're absent the first class, they get dropped from the class.  I guess the big u has people waiting to get into a class, and if you're not serious about going to class, there's someone else willing to pay to get in.
Husband sent me a picture from a campground a few nights ago.  He said this was about 200 feet from his campsite and the main building:
I don't know how y'all feel about this, but I would feel much better if this had been seen outside of a hotel, not in a campground!  Somehow knowing that a bear could tear through a piece of canvas isn't very comforting.

Middle son came by Friday night to get yet another piece of clothing he needed.  He had his rugby practice uniform on, and of course I had to take a picture.  I have to admit:  it looks kind of dopey; I think I caught him as he was looking at his suitemate and saying something to him!
 He is loving the big university.  I have to tell y'all something funny, though.  I got an e-mail from a blogging friend the other day.  She said that she was in the cafeteria and saw a guy that she thought she may know.  Then she realized it was MS!  She said that she didn't say anything to him because she wasn't sure how to explain to him that she knew me but didn't know me.  I thought it was pretty cool that she recognized MS.  I made sure he knew that she had seen him so that if she sees him again and speaks to him, he'll know that she's not some crazy person someone he can speak to!

High school football is in full swing.  Last Thursday was our big rivalry game.  This game has been played for more than 80 years, and has been pretty fierce.  There have been years of egg fights at the bridge, pranks on the other schools, and just down right not liking each other.  The dislike has seemed to lost a little of the edge as people have moved in and just don't understand what the rivalry is all about.  You have David Vs. Goliath; the small blue-collar school vs. the big white-collar school.  Last year our high school beat the other one; before that it had been 9 years since we had won.  It seems like every year we push each other to be better.  I don't remember many years when one school has been up and the other has been down.  So, how did it turn out on Thursday night?  Here's a photo of the final scoreboard, compliments of my friend Kimert:
YAY!  We won for the 2nd year in a row!  This had been the 1st time in 10 years that they had been beat on their home field.  Who beat them the last time?  Why, it was our little bitty school!  I didn't feel the excitement during the day that I had in the past; I guess it was because I don't have a football player this year.  The game was on tv, so I opted to stay at home and watch.  Y'all have no idea how crazy this game gets:  There are usually around 10,000 people there.  We only have 8,000 in our town.  People are in line at 4:00 to get into the gates at 4:30; the game started at 7:00.  This is a huge game for bragging rights in the county.  There are a couple of other high schools in the county, but they haven't had very good teams for a while.  Anyway, once the game was coming on, the ol' excitement came back!  Remember I yell at the tv during ballgames?  My jack russell mutt jumped off of the couch at one point and slinked off to the bedroom.  The game went back and forth; no one ever lead by more than 4 points at any part of the game.  Very exciting!

Another high school football game took place on Friday night that was exciting:  EHS (my husband's alma mater) had their first home football game in their new stadium.  The old stadium had been damaged during the tornado 3 years ago.  The students are now in their new school, which is the largest campus in Alabama.  The pictures of the school are amazing; that is one beautiful school!  If you choose to look at the pictures on the following site, you'll see the mosaic of the wildcat that was in the old school.  George Bush, when he visited the old high school after the tornado, insisted that the mosaic be preserved and put in its own place in the new school.
Home, at last. New Enterprise High School opens | Dothan Eagle

Does the whole town turn out for high school football games in your hometown, or is it just another night?


  1. $89 million! Wow!

    But then I looked at what Newton is spending for Newton North -- the high school near where I work. $197 million. Sheesh.


  2. The whole town turns out here....it is the thing to do on a Friday night....and when we travel we take a large crowd too....people like for us to come because of that...their gate is usually pretty healthy. We played a team here last year...and beside the band and team there were five people on the visitors side. That was sad to me.

  3. How crazy that someone recognized your son! That's so cool and amazing all in one!

  4. Oh my word, Girl! One word : Texas. Your talking, Friday Night Lights; middle schools with football fields, heck throw in a football cheerleader, crazed-mother or two...then there is another made-for-t.v. movie. Never saw anything like it up in Illinois. Crazy down here!

    My favorite part? The marching bands!

  5. Great shot of the footprint by your hubby but I am with you... a little too close for comfort for me!! Haha
    So should I deny my children's request for McD's on the way to the game to hit up the band concessions?
    And you know the answer to that question for me! The whole town comes out for that game. SOooo happy to be on that side of the fence and not having to follow the orange and blue!

  6. I'm with you on the bear and tent camping. I love to tent camp but it does seem like there are an awful lot of bear stories lately. As my daughter and I were driving home Monday morning a bear lumbered across the road right in front of our car. She could not believe her eyes. Course my camera was in my suitcase in the trunk so no photo.

    My mil kept us up to date on the big game. Very exciting!

    I love the blogger story...a gal who reads my blog has a friend with a daughter at my daughters school. We realized they lived on the same hall so daughter2 called one day and said the girl came up to her and said, "this is going to sound really strange..' and my daughter just nodded and said, "I know. Your mom is best friends with someone who reads my moms blog.' Not sure they got it but we thought it was fun!

  7. It's not unusual for 8,000 people to be at one of our local high school's football games! Depending on who they play it could be even more!

  8. Glad your hubby and son are coming home, safe and sound!!!
    Funny about your blogging friend running into your son. Small world!

  9. Kids meeting bloggy friends? It's a Small World.... is running through my head. :)

    That footprint will be etched in my memory if and when hubs ever decides camping is a good idea again. Yikes.

  10. Lots going on in your neck of the woods. I remember hearing a bear when we were in a tent once. Never again, we do cabins now and they still are breaking into them. Wishing all a great school year and awesome football games.

  11. The town doesn't come here but we live in a bigger city with multiple hs. In small towns, yes everyone shows up like they roll up the streets. But this is Texas.
    Football means cooler weather and we are so ready for that.

  12. The town doesn't come here but we live in a bigger city with multiple hs. In small towns, yes everyone shows up like they roll up the streets. But this is Texas.
    Football means cooler weather and we are so ready for that.

  13. i think i would be concerned re the footprint in the dirt. would be looking over my shoulder. i'm not into football, but if i had a child involved then that's another thing. thanks for your comment on my blog re Lourdes.


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