I have geniuses for sons.  MS decides to go to the beach for spring break (without getting an okay from us).  He only had $49; they were going to be gone for a week.  CH gave him a check for $50, which MS said he was going to bring back just to show him it could be done.  He handed CH the check on Tuesday; however, his grandpa gave him $50, too.
YS made a gallon of Tang in an orange juice jug.  We didn't have a funnel to pour the powder in, so what did he use?
His response when I told him he was a genius:  "Yeah, I know."
Here's what OS has been up to:
Remember this picture from October?
Yeah, the boy knows how to make his mom's heart stop.
Boys...what are you going to do with 'em?


  1. Hey - that is pretty clever! Love improvising & seeing what comes out of an idea :)

    ohhhh... I'm dizzy just LOOKING at the "on edge" picture!!!!

  2. My daughter definitely spent more than $50 at the beach!!

    Like I said before...keep OS away from my hubs : )

  3. Ahaha! This made me smile. And chuckle :D

    My mom has all girls, but we have our "genius" moments too!

  4. beautiful where OS is!! got to just let them go and trust God (but it is sooo hard I know :)

    cute about using aluminum foil for a funnel, creative!!

    and I got to say MS did great if he could do the beach for a week for under $100; he needs to write a book about it, I'm sure it could be a best seller!

    all in all, I'm thinking it was a good spring break?


  5. From the moment they're born, they're leaving us, Mary! And if we do it right, they want to head out on their own (with occasional visits home for food, laundry, and affection). All three of your sons are turning out to be amazing!

    We use printer paper funnels to get the bird seed from the stupid bags it comes in into the container we keep it in. I'll have to try to foil next time to see if it works better! Afterwards I can give the foil to the parakeet and see if she can figure out what it is...

  6. Oh goodness!! I have 5 boys...what in the world am I in for??? LOL!!!

  7. Love it! Love it! Love it! I went to the beach for a week once on 50.00.....but then that was eons ago....before fire. LOL!

  8. Oh my heart stopped just looking at those photos!

  9. please tell me that is a pic you found online somewhere that has been edited?! heart-stopping, indeed!! i know nothing of raising boys. *sigh*

  10. Cute story. I do remember that picture and it makes me very nervous!

  11. My heart stopped when I saw that last pic!!!!!!!! Tell them your bloggy friend just lost 5 more years...I'm old enough!!!

  12. Ahhh, sweet youth!
    My ys once went Bungee jumping. So glad he didn't tell me until AFTER the fact.

  13. Gotta love those boys, hm?! :-) Daniel was always rigging up something when he still lived at home! And he would be right out there on the edge with your son, Mary! Thank the Lord for putting strong hearts in mothers, hm? :-)


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