Spring Break!

The first day of Spring Break was a good one.  It started with Daily Mass, breakfast at Chick-Fil-A with the "old people" (my parents, another couple, and another lady), then the grocery store.  My Adoration Hour flew by.
MS is also on Spring Break.  I talked to him on Friday night and asked when he was coming home, thinking he was going to spend the week at home.  With his mama.  Only he had other plans that he didn't tell us about. His plan was to go to the beach with some friends.  On $49.  This boy just goes with the flow and has a good time...always.  We made him sweat it out, but we did end up letting him go (and CH gave him a little extra money).   I did remind him that if he got into trouble there would be no calling his parents to come and get him since he's over 18.  Let's hope he knows how to behave!

Saturday I met Ashley, my bloggy friend (and IRL friend!) at Horse Haven.  This place is amazing!  They rehabilitate horses who have been abused and/or neglected.  Ashley wrote a post about a horse who got out of the fence; he had the sweetest face!  I had hoped to meet him, but he had been adopted and went home a few days earlier!   I had a good time watching the horses, hearing them talking to each other, and talking with Ashley. I've said this before, and I'll say it again:  She is an incredible young woman!  She volunteers every Saturday evening at Horse Haven.  I've never been around horses (I have ridden a couple of them, though), but if I had, this would definitely be a place to volunteer.  To me, horses are one of the most beautiful animals in the world.

One day last week, these were delivered from Schwanns:
Cinnamon Sugar Cake Donuts
This needs no caption.
I got an e-mail from Jessica at Belleicious saying that I had won a giveaway!  And it was my favorite:  DESSERT!  Thanks, Jessica!  If you're looking for some awesome recipes, Jessica is your girl!

Spring is busting out all over the place!  I love the beginning of Spring in East Tennessee!  Down the road from us, there are a bunch of forsythia that are blooming.  There is a long line of them, where there used to be front yards:
(That is just a small sampling of the bushes.)
The Bradford Pears are in full bloom....there is a long row of them in front of the airport that is just stunning.  Unfortunately, every time I go by a place to stop to take a picture, there are cars behind me or I'm going the wrong way.  Hopefully sometime before they lose their blooms I'll have the opportunity to share.  
Do you still have snow on the ground where you are, or is Spring beginning to arrive?


  1. I'll take the donuts! Yum!
    Really springy + gorgeous here. Cherry + pear trees in bloom and those pretty yellow numbers (forsythia?) I love Charlotte in the spring!

  2. Congratulations on winning! Dessert is my favorite. Enjoy our spring break! I'm off to Vermont to enjoy our balmy 46 degrees and sunshine today!

  3. Dessert is an awesome thing to win!

    I am jealous of the signs of spring you are seeing - it's still looks like winter here (without the snow though, so I'm not going to complain!).

  4. Be sure to share this Ashley. There's a ranch in Oregon that rescues horses AND as they recover and thrive, "broken" kids also start to recover and thrive because of the bond. Here's the link.


    It's an amazing ministry that my kids love to give the "change jar" money to each time we roll it up!

  5. Spring break AND dessert! Wow, life is good at your house :)

  6. Those pesky bradford pears are killing the sinuses of everyone in my house! lol But yes, they are pretty!

  7. Enjoy your break. Ours is still a couple of weeks away, which is fine, gives me more of a hope for warm (er) weather.

    We don't have snow, but we're still in the 30's.

  8. Nope...I don't see any snow around here. :)
    Congrats on your win. Ashely does sound amazing...I also LOVE horses, but they are so intimidating up close. BIG.
    Hoping that your son has a great and safe beach trip!

  9. Love those forsythias! In my mind, it's always a yay-it's-spring color! We're still not there yet in Virginia...a few brave birds chirp but there's heart!

  10. I love Chick-Fil-A! Sounds like a great Spring Break....congrats on your win!!

  11. Chick Fil A and donuts! Yum! Forsythia always means spring to me. Wish mine would bloom, but it's barely even budding this year. Enjoy your spring break!

  12. What beautiful plants and ground! There is still snow just about everywhere here. Hopefully Spring will show up on time but snow is in the forecast for tomorrow!
    I gave you an award today so stop by my blog and collect it. I love the purple background on your blog.

  13. No snow here. But then again, you probably already knew that. ;)

  14. I know I sound like a broken record but I need some signs of spring to start showing up here!

    I'm sure your son will be on his best behavior...$42? That sounds like spring break back in our college days!

  15. I'm sure MS will have a great spring break, but I'm sure you were wishing he was spending it with you

    congrats on the giveaway you won!

    enjoy the rest of your break!!

    no snow here......but if there was.....it would be one for the record books indeed!


  16. Hope you enjoy the rest of your break ... sounds like you got off to a good start. ;-)

    Nothing's blooming here ... I can't wait to see everything in bloom as we head south soon.

  17. I don't go to Chick-Fil-A very often because we don't have one nearby. I didn't know they did breakfast. Hope MS has a safe and fun Spring Break. I have seen the Schwanns trucks but have never gotten anything delivered from them. I do love raspberry! Congratulatins on winning the giveaway. Hooray for Spring. Forsythias are my favorite but we don't get them in CA.


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