Flashback Blog Tag

Kicking it OLD SCHOOL

Remember those blog tags where you had to answer
questions and then tag other bloggers? Well,
And, since a friend and coworker was "nice" enough
to tag me, I thought I'd participate and keep it going!
(Be honest:  How many of you are praying I didn't tag
you at the end?)

What were you doing 10 yrs ago?

We were living in SC and were deep into baseball/tball

5 Things on your to-do list

For today:
1.  Fold laundry
2.  Finish book
3.  Wash the towels & linens
4.  Flute Choir Practice
5.  Plan for next week and print out materials from TpT

5 Snacks you enjoy

1.  popcorn
2.  chocolate
3.  trail mix
4.  potato chips
5.  cookies

Name something you would do if you were a millionaire

Pay off our debts, pay off student loans, live in Europe for 
at least a year, invest, and donate to charity

Name places you have lived

East Tn.
Dalton, Ga.
Rock Hill, SC

Name some bad habits you have

Not letting CH finish his sentence (even though I know 
what he is going to say!), biting the inside of my mouth. 
 I'm going to stop there before I let out all of my secrets!

Name some jobs you have had

Basket room at the pool, cashier at a grocery store & 
Target, Speech Pathologist in the public schools (including 
Lead Speech Therapist in SC), home health, and nursing 
home (not all at the same time!)

Name those you are tagging
I'm not actually going to tag anyone, but if you want to play,
 feel free! It was kind of fun!


  1. Isn't it amazing how much changes in 10 years??
    Good luck with your to-do list....doesn't sound like that much fun. LOL well, except the reading part.
    You worked at Target? My favorite place....

  2. I wouldn't have minded being tagged ... Then I wouldn't have to come up with a theme for today's post. ha!

    I actually do like these kinds of memes ... it's a fun way to know more about my bloggy friends. ;-)

  3. basket room at the pool... that had to be fun :) dizzy with chlorine?

    I'm bad about finishing my hubs sentences too. You know we speak for them anyways - right? haha

  4. I'm glad you played along, it's always fun getting to know each other a little better!

    You certainly do have a varied work experience! Speaking of work, enjoy the rest of your spring break :)

  5. I always enjoy learning more about my bloggy friends! Boy, do I love popcorn, too...with a bit of white cheddar seasoning on top. Just the best! I didn't know you used to live in Rock Hill, SC...that's not too far from where I live! My hubby was born in Chapin, just outside of Columbia...his mom still lives there.

  6. SEE! It wasn't that bad! And you didn't have to stress yourself to come up with a topic today! "Thank you Miss Teacher!" ;)

  7. Fun! I use to do tags all the time.
    I was just telling my son and husband that I plan on spending a year in Europe. They laughed at me!

  8. "Basket room at the pool"...the reason I WON'T let anyone give me a shoe as collateral for a pencil!!! P U!


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