We had an unexpected snow day yesterday.  YS still had school.  CH was going to go in to work, until I saw the traffic report on tv.  Someone had slid off of the road and the interstate was backed up....waaaay up.  So, he decided to work from home.  He shut himself up in "his office" so Laika wouldn't think it was Saturday and want to go to the dog park, or to Petsmart to play with the kittens.  Here are Pepper & Laika in the morning:
Yep, that was pretty much the extent of the amount of snow we had at my house.  Since I work for the county schools (which include some hills that we call "mountains"!), I guess some of the roads were bad.  I'm not complaining!  The snow was pretty much gone by 10:00.

We were able to have lunch out, and it was a perfect day for this:
We have a small, hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurant in town that is excellent.  We hadn't eaten there in a while, so we went in for lunch.  The bonus is that I get to have it again today:  I only ate half of it, so I get leftovers for lunch today!  PERFECT!!!

I saw a recipe for "make your own Thin Mints" and decided to mess it up try it.  I know exactly what I did wrong:  you're only suppose to mix up the flour until the dough starts to crumble, not until it does crumble and you have to add milk to make it stick together so you can roll it out.  I also think there's just a little too much cocoa in it.  I may try these again and see if I can fix it.  Oh, and the chocolate covering is melted chocolate chips with peppermint extract. I thought the cookies were suppose to be dipped, but for some reason the chips were too thick, so I ended up spreading it on.
They are edible, but I'm going to have to either ask the blogger about it, or try to tweak it myself.

What do you like to do if you have an unexpected snow day, whether you're stuck in the house or can get out?


  1. I'm not sure how big your small town is, but I'm about 5 miles from what I would call a large town ... and there's no Cuban restaurant there. Maybe we're too far north?

    Whenever I would get an unexpected snow day (when I was working), I loved to stay inside, nice and warm. There would always be something to do ... a book to read or something involving a needle and thread. ;-)

  2. My daughter in DC had a snow day too, and no snow : ) When the government closes her office closes. She was disappointed not to have snow, but not to have a snow day!

    I bought cookies from a friend's daughter and didn't mention it to hubs. He bought cookies from a neighbor so we have some thin mints here : )

  3. I can always find something to do locked in the house... napping is #1 on that list :)

    Cuban? I've never tried a Cuban place before.

  4. Hmm. Love GS thin mints!

    We had a couple of snow days this year and I turned on the fire (love that gas fireplace) and curled up with my Diana Gabaldon book.

  5. I've never eaten in a Cuban restaurant, but it sounded delicious! I think I'd spend all my snow day on the computer, LOL :)

    but of course having a snow day in Southern California would be a very unusual event!


  6. Glad you got to go out to lunch on your snow day! Well we haven't had a snow day in our 25 years in Southern California although the mountains got a ton of it yesterday and it's gorgeous.


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