Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

What an exciting weekend we had! Saturday I got the house decorated for Christmas...except for the tree.  I wanted to save that until Sunday night (you'll understand in a minute).  The Small Town's boys' soccer team had a fundraiser at McAlister's Deli, so we went down for dinner to help them out.
Sunday morning, we got a new addition to our family:  an exchange student.  He had been in the country since September, but wasn't happy with the family with whom he was placed.  Why in the world would someone want to host an exchange student when they don't have a child close to the student's age, don't live in the same school zone as the school, and aren't going to take the time to listen and talk to the child?  They definitely missed out.  You'll definitely be reading some of our adventures from now until June (when he leaves).  I will call him "FES" (foreign exchange student...get it?); if you watched "That 70's Show", you understand where that came from.  For privacy purposes, I will not post pictures of him or let you know where he is from.  Let's just say that his culture is very different from ours; it's going to be very interesting learning about his culture.  
Sunday morning, we did some last minute cleaning/getting ready for FES.  He got here around 11:00, then we had to do some last minute orientation with the manager of the organization (laying down the rules of the house), and he was ours.  By the end of the night, he was making his own jokes and just being a teenager.  I really hope we can give him a good experience as an American teenager.  He is going to play soccer for the high school team, so I get to hang out with my soccer mom friends one more year!  
Sunday CH & I went out in search of a new washing machine.  Mine finally went "caput" Saturday.  I didn't think the clothes were being washed; turns out the agitator wasn't working.  It was a very inexpensive washer, so we figured it would be cheaper to just get a new one.  Plus, we had had the old one for over 6 years.
Isn't she a beaut?  I'm trying to get used to not having the big agitator in the middle of the barrel!

That night, FES decorated his first Christmas tree!  He was such a big help, and was chatting the whole time.  (Yes, I told him he was my favorite since he helped the most!) 

Since it was snowing, he kept looking out the window, and by the end of the night, was asking if they would have school Monday.  (The boy learns quickly!)  The county schools (where I work) were out, and both city school systems were out, too.  They don't get out very often, so that will give you an idea of how bad the roads were supposed to have been.  I know the yankees are laughing, but we don't have much snow equipment (the small town has 1 snow plow) since we don't get that much snow down here.  There's something so beautiful about seeing Christmas lights in the snow; something we rarely see here!  
 (These were some little bird/squirrel prints on our front porch yesterday morning)
Here are a couple of scenes from yesterday morning:
 The weird thing is that I didn't realize it was snowing until I saw the pictures.
And I have another day off today.  Hooray!  I'm anxious for FES to get into a routine:  this afternoon he has his first day of voluntary training for soccer.  MS is also going to work out with them; he has to stay in shape for Rugby.  YS has his band concert tonight, so we're going to be going full force today.


  1. Mary, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I wish you all the best with FES! Growing up I remember two of my friends hosting students -- one from Germany and the other from France. It was a GREAT experience for their entire family and for their friends as well! I look forward to hearing your stories! BTW, it snowed it Connecticut this morning but we still had school -- my sons were completely bummed :)

  2. Busy but fun weekend it sounds like!! I didn't realize we were getting snowed on until I left my gym around 6pm Sunday evening. The roads at that point (out my way) had already gotten bad. ooops.

  3. Your tree looks so pretty! How fun that you have a new member of your family! I wish FES all the best and know that he's going to love living there with your family. I completely understand about not having snow equipment. In Louisiana, we didn't even have one plow. :)

  4. Man! You have a happen' life, girl! So glad you were able to purchase a new washer. I know, I had to get use to no agitator in the middle when we first purchased this last one. I love mine:)

    How awesome that you are hosting a FES!!! I grew up wishing my parents would have. I guess I should give them a break since they already had so much going on with their own nine. Still...

    Have a great week!

  5. What's one more boy in the house, right? : ) Have fun...we had friends from Atlanta visit us in the UK en route to a wedding...it was the wedding of an exchange student they'd hosted 6 years earlier. They can become part of the family and I hope you have a great year with yours.

  6. You are definitely one busy lady. So nice of you to take him in. I hope it's a wonderful experience for everyone.

  7. Nice looking tree! We're out *again* tomorrow! This is suppose to be our last week of the semester. It will be interesting when we return!

  8. That is so awesome that you are hosting an exchange student, Mary! I look forward to reading future posts about FES and your family!

  9. congrats on your new FES. Sounds exciting...I know he will be happy with you and your family.
    I love new appliances. :)
    Your tree looks amazing!!

  10. How fun with FES staying at your house; I am sure you all will enjoy the experience!! I totally respect your decision to respect his privacy with where he's from etc., but one question, does he speak English well? If not, I'm sure after his year here, he will :)

    cute that he helped with the tree too; I bet he enjoyed that very much.

    Have a great Wednesday!


  11. Wow, what a busy time for you guys! I hope everything works out well with FES and enjoy that new washer. I get so excited over new appliances! ;-)

  12. That is so nice of you to take him in. So far it sounds like he is very nice. It will be fun to read more about him as you post.

  13. Mary- Yes, you have more snow. The mountains are making the news everywhere out here, but no snow in Denver! Are you in East Tennessee? my sister and her husband are in knoxville. She taught full time at a Catholic school and now subs there this year. Think Snow! laura


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