The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

At one of my schools yesterday, we had our Christmas Nibbles.  We used to have nibbles every month, but it's been switched to 4 times/year.  Here is a picture of the goodies:
 Sweets on the right; savories on the left.  This was taken before everything had been brought in.
This is one of the 5th grade teachers.  I warned her before I took the picture, and told her it was going on the 'net.  She's not shy. At all.
These were some of the soups.  A couple more were added after I took this picture.
I love a faculty that loves to eat!  The librarian said Mr. Principal wasn't going to retire because we ate so much.  In the morning, one of the assistants saw a plate already filled up and said, "Who's pretty plate is this?" to which the SRO (School Resource Officer) replied, "It's the man's with the gun." Yep.  She left it alone.
I've shown y'all a couple of pictures of one of the special ed teacher's door (the gingerbread house) and the bulletin board that one of the 5th grade girls smudged with her "hoodie" (yeah, right).  Here's her bulletin board that's inside of her classroom:
One of the assistants even turned the stockings around for me to hide the kids' names.  They are very accommodating for the sake of my blog!
My intern's last day was Monday, so I was going it alone today.  At the end of the day the bookkeeper in the office mentioned that she hadn't seen much of me today, so I reminded her that my intern was gone, so I was having to work.
YS' band had a fruit fundraiser, and the fruit came in today.  Oh, happy day.  The good thing is that I he sold enough that his spring trip is paid for. YAY! He's even going to have some left over to contribute to the BIG trip in 2 years. 
This weekend we'll I'll be decoratingIt should be a good time to do some inside decorating:  It's suppose to be rainy turning to snowy.  Gotta love this time of the year!


  1. Looks like fun and so yummy. Our PTO provides us with a Friday.

  2. Yum!!! Loved the comment "...the man with the guns."

  3. I do miss those faculty of the best things I've ever tasted was a cream cheese roll at the first school I worked in (it was in JC)...the counselor made them but wouldn't share the recipe. Everybody wanted it but she said it was a family secret. I'm still a little bitter.

    How sad is it that I am writing about a roll I ate almost 30 years ago????

  4. Gotta' love a school with lots of Christmas spirit! That gingerbread house is fantastic!
    I think all school employees must be the same--they like to eat! I know ours do... LOL

  5. Love the name of it, Christmas Nibbles! It looks like with all that delicious food that if I was there, I would do more than nibble on them, LOL!

    love the gingerbread house decoration!

    good job for YS and the fundraiser!! Must be a "standard" thing to do to sell fruit this time of year, my sister/family in the DC area are distributing fruit this week from their fundraiser :)

    sounds like a fun weekend to decorate!


  6. "I love a faculty that loves to eat!"... You crack me up. :)

  7. I love how you share your school through your lens! It's almost like being there, but without the calories (enough of those here!)

    Congratulations to YS. That's a LOTTA fruit to pay for those trips!

  8. How wonderful that you all share food and fellowship together! It looks like a great place to work. Congratulations to YS! That's awesome that he sold so much. Way to go!

  9. Sounds like so much fun. Who doesn't like to eat! Have fun decorating. I will be doing that too. I like the weekend, not a whole lot of postings to read so I don't feel pressured to be on the computer as much.

  10. *sigh* Makes me miss the carry-ins we usedto have at work, Mary! And the cookie exchanges. *sigh* It all looks deliciously wonderful!


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