Snow Miser

Y'all know the saying that if snow stays on the ground for 3 days, we're going to get it again, right?  Or is that just a "southern thing"?
This is a tree in the front yard, taken this morning.  No school again today!  YS and FES are now out for Christmas Break; I've only been to work 1 day this week.  That means that I've missed 4 meetings that will have to be rescheduled for after the break.  Unless I call the parents today and get them to come to the school tomorrow, which would mean I would have to go to my Tues/Thurs school for 2 meetings, then rush to my other school for my 9:30 walk-in student.  With it being the last day before break, it's going to be C-R-A-Z-Y.  Made even more so because we've only had school 1 day this week. 
When I let the dogs out, I made sure I was careful walking off of the back porch.  Then, there was the crunch of the grass.  Ice was covering the grass.  Our back yard is a gently slope, and I did slide a couple of times but was able to catch myself before I fell.
 Maybe if Ally wasn't such a brat and would go out, do her business, then come back in, I wouldn't have had an issue.  But, she is, and she doesn't, so I have to follow her out.  While I was out, I heard a branch fall on my next door neighbor's house.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that our power stays on!  There were 7900 people (last I heard) in the big city without power.  I don't think anybody realized it was going to be this bad! 
OS said it was 6 degrees yesterday at the university.  6 DEGREES. He was going to come in Friday since today was suppose to be the last day of finals, but, the school closed on Monday due to snow so they moved the Monday finals to Friday.  My cousin-in-law (who lives in that area) said that they got 1 1/2 inches of snow, with a nice coating of ice on top.  People are stranded all over the roads.
My car this morning:
Yesterday we had our December Speech Meeting at one of the coordinator's house.  Here's the view from her subdivision:
And a view when I was driving home (it would've been so much prettier if those power lines weren't in the way!):

If it's cold where you are, hope you have power and are able to stay in the warmth with a cup of hot cocoa!  Bundle up! 


  1. We're getting our first dose today -- and the schools are letting out 2 hours early. But we go through half day next week, so I'm sure we'll get some more days of 'learning' in.

    Had to laugh at the last photo. Yes, beautiful mountains marred by power lines...but given the early paragraphs, I think power lines are a GOOD thing, right?

  2. One: I like your pretty blog page...very Christmassy!

    Two: I cannot stand ice. We rarely get it down here, but I recall how nasty it would get up in Illinois. YUCK!

  3. Brr! Stay safe. We've had snow, but the roads haven't been too bad and, much to my kid's chagrin, we've had no delays or cancellations yet.

    I've never heard that saying. Funny.

  4. I'm so sick of snow & ice already...

    But at least now I have the fun diddy of the Snow miser in my head! :)

  5. My goodness that is bad. Ice storms are just the worse. So sorry for the bad weather you are having. Praying that is warms up and that you don't lose your power.

  6. I could SO do the one work day a week thing. But I feel your pain on the meetings. They don't ever seem to go away! Evil things!

  7. For once I did not want a white Christmas--and we get one! That meant my daughter and her three kids had to leave early to avoid the weather. They left about noon on Christmas Eve. :-(


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