The Weather Outside is Frightful

I was amazed when I went to leave for work yesterday:  There was snow falling!  The day before had been really rainy and warm.  Crazy weather!  We got an awful lot of rain on Tuesday:
(That's a creek just about to spill over its banks)
Wednesday, as I was driving home, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this sight:
Can you see the snow on the mountains?  Gorgeous.  It looks like you can just reach out and touch them. (In real life, of course!)
My schools are getting ready for the holiday. In one of my schools, my room is off of the auditorium.  When I leave the auditorium to go down the hall, this is what greets me:
What is it about white lights that makes everything seem so warm and cozy?
This week has been bus duty for me, but only the days I'm at one of my schools.  The kids haven't been too awfully wound up this time.  I did have to search out a couple of 5th grade girls who messed up this beautiful bulletin board:
 I don't think you can tell it in this picture, but the snow at the bottom has been smeared.  The girl who did it said it was her hoodie that wiped it.  Sure it was, because you're 2 feet tall and that's exactly where your hoodie would've hit.  So then she changed her story:  there was a string on the board she was trying to get off.  She should write fiction.
Anyway, this bulletin board belonged to the teacher who has the gingerbread house over her doorway.  And, when I walked into her room today, this is what I saw:
It's so festive in her room!  She (well, her TAs anyway!) is going all out this year.
What are some the decorations in your workplace or around your town?


  1. I absolutely love my view of the mountains on my drive to work everyday. Beautiful! However, I prefer the snow stay up there. teehee Not that Friendsvegas gets a lot of snow, but still. ;)
    Decorations at work? LOL You mean the few Christmas cards that adorn the front window? We are slackers around here.
    Love the decor in your schools though. I'm not sure they do much at my daughter's school or at least in years past they haven't.

  2. Love the pictures!

    How do you get the 'snow' to fall on your blog????

  3. What adorable decorations!! That is one thing I miss about volunteering in elementary schools.

  4. I love the pictures of your school. How do you get the snow to fall on your blog? I am so fascinated by the snow I almost forgot to read the blog. Be careful. I will be at a conference in Montgomery til Saturday lunchtime. I am so excited.

  5. love how the doors are decorated at school! very festive indeed and I'm sure it puts the kids in a good holiday spirit! I did see the snow on the mountains! Wow, it is that time of year (as I sit here in 80 degree weather :)


  6. Yes Ma'am you've had a strange mix of weather. Did the snow stick?
    Beautiful deco in the school hall and on the board. . .Yes, my hoodie made me do it!

  7. Love the view of the mountains with snow, Mary! How beautiful!! AND the school decor looks great! What dedication those teachers and aides possess!! Thanks for sharing the festive pictures!

  8. We don't do a lot for decorations at work (a college), but we decorate our doors for a contest. Last year the theme was Christmas movies and my department did Home Alone, which all of us as robbers and my boss at McCaulay Culkin (sp?).

    This year we're doing board games and my department has chosen Candy Land. Should be interesting.

  9. So pretty there, Mary!! Keep taking those photos, girl. I enjoy seeing them. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Looks like you might be in for a white Christmas. Niiice! :0)


  10. Love the snowflakes floating through your blog! We had snow on Thanksgiving that did a lot of blowing around but didn't lay at all. I work at our motherhouse and Christmas--and preChristmas-- decorations are slowly appearing. In the middle of our main hallway we have a table with an Advent wreath made from greens from our property. Outside our offices we have a small Christmas tree--our "giving" tree--that gets decorated little by little as folks bring in their gifts for our annual Christmas giving. And soon our large creche will take up its usual place in an alcove in our main hallway.

  11. Agreed... White lights just give a cozy, festive feeling, yes? Love your cute, bloggy Christmas background, too! ;) And snow? Oh, my Nator would be jealous.

  12. I love all the pretty decorations!!!
    We have an area in "Old Naples" (downtown near the gulf) and it is done up to the nines...beautiful lights and music each night. On the top of the hour, they shoot snow out of the street lights. Ok, not real snow, but it is the closest we will get.
    Enjoy your cold weekend! Brrrrr.

  13. It all looks so pretty. I have always had colored lights, my husband loves them and so do I but I have 3 very small trees in my dining room that are white lights.
    They do have a special glow about them and I only put snowman ornaments on them. Love it! I am sure that the kids will get more wild in a few weeks!


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