Day 6: A Candy Cane or 5

Day 6 of the photo challenge is " A Candy Cane or 5".  I searched high and low at school on Monday for a stinkin' candy cane.  Plenty of Santas and Reindeer, but no cutesy art projects with candy canes.  No real ones, either, for that matter.  I noticed these Christmas Trees outside of a Second Grade Classroom:
Do you see what's on the trees?  Not one, but FIVE candy canes!!!  Here's the writing that went with them:
Sweet, huh?
It's still not too late to join in the fun with Susan at This Day!  The link to the list is here.  Susan assured me that it's not necessary to go in the order she has listed, but since it's listed in order, I have to do it that way!  OCD?  Yep, that would be me...maybe just a touch!


  1. Oh dear, I couldn't break with the order either : )

  2. Nothing wrong with being a little OCD :)

    Good eye to catch those candy canes... but now I want to color :)

  3. Love the pictures from school and the writing! Makes me remember when...

  4. What a sweet entry in today's challenge ... especially the writing!

    I'm sure I'd have to do the list in the order it's listed ... I'm OCD, too!

  5. I tend to be a little OCD too....loved the post.

  6. I bet you'll find plenty of other "clues" in school this season.

  7. OCD ways just always seem best. no?
    Great job!!!


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