Silver Bells

Day 15 of Susan's Photo Challenge is Silver Bells.  This one really stressed me out.  I had NO idea it was going to be so hard to find those dadgum bells!  I've been looking for them all month long!  I found red bells, green bells, gold bells, but no silver bells.  I thought I'd be clever and count these:
Get it?  The bells of the horns?  Yeah, I know it's lame, but it was the best I could do...or so I thought.  Tuesday I walked into my room at school and glanced up at a wreath I have hanging on the wall:
Can you see it at the top of the wreath?  There are 2 little silver bells!  
I have no idea how I missed them all that time!  My boys (and CH) would be quick to point out that I'm not the most observant person!
It still isn't too late to join in!  Here's the link to The List.


  1. I think the instruments totally count!

  2. Even though I think that the "bells of the horns" definitely count, how awesome that you found some Christmas-y silver bells. ;-)

    I can be totally clueless to stuff around me ... so I can relate to your not seeing them all that time.

  3. Just the words "Silver Bells" brings to mind the winter day I was shopping in Denver for my wedding dress. The air was filled with the strains of this song. The song was a lot better than the marriage.

  4. Those two little bells count, they are for a fact silver bells!

  5. The bells of the horns totally count. So do those silver jingle bells on your wreath. Great job treasure hunting. Blessings, SusanD


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