Day 8: Stamped & Addressed Cards

Okay, this one was a little tough for me because I don't send cards.  Call me a Grinch or a Scrooge, I just think it's a waste of time & money.  Plus, a lot of the people I would send cards to never reciprocated, so I would end up feeling like the friendship was one-sided and then get upset about it.  (Man, that sounds like I have some major issues!)  Bottom line:  I just don't think it's worth it.
I took a picture of the 3 cards I've received so far, and one of them was from the manager at Starbucks!

The kids at school were BONKERS yesterday.  With the combination of the weather and being close to Christmas, they were completely out of control.  We had rain all day, it was very gloomy outside, and then the temperature fell.  BINGO.  Whoever thinks that the barometric pressure doesn't affect kids like the full moon needs to spend a day like yesterday in a school.   Surely it can only go up hill from here.  Only 5 1/2 days 'til break.


  1. A Christmas card from the manager at Starbucks!!! LOL You are a good customer indeed :)

    My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story. Just watched it the other night with the kids. (I know. A lot of swear words. It's the only one with swear words I've let them watch!)

  2. My daughter said she had quite the day with her class yesterday definitely plays a part in that!

    I love Christmas cards : )

  3. When the temperatures dropped, did you get any snow? No snow here this morning, but there is some in tonight's forecast. ;-)

    I only send Christmas cards to a very select few ... way down from the number of cards I used to send ... and I keep whittling it down each year. At some point, I'm sure that I'll cut it out entirely.

  4. Oh my, well yours will be on its way soon. :) I don't just send cards, I make them. Doesn't matter how few I receive or whether they end up being tossed out. The beauty of it is how much I enjoy taking the time to allow the Holy Spirit to minister His love through even something as simple as a card. It has actually become one of my FAVORITE highlights of Christmas.
    Here's something that makes it almost magical. I actually pray as I'm making them, and I do this with every card and tag I make for friends throughout the year too. I pray for each household they are going to. I send them out with a special blessing. IF the household receives the blessings, WONDERFUL. If it doesn't, guess what? It returns to me. :) (Matthew 10:12-14) Whether they throw the card out, God sees if the blessing was received in the heart. Makes it all, stamps included, WAY worth while, don't you think?
    Anywho, hope this inspires you to look at every gift a little differently. ;)
    Love and blessings.

  5. I understand how you feel about the Christmas cards but I just send them to a few select friends and relatives that I don't see very often. But, having said that, I didnt send any cards last Christmas. I j ust didn't have the time or energy!
    AND I do understand what you said about the kids, weather and all of that other stuff! Egads! LOL Hope today is better!! :-)

  6. We had your Wednesday weather on Tuesday. That was my mental health day. Wise choice? I agree with you about the cards. Nothing makes me crazier than to get a card from someone I haven't heard from on a year, with only their signature. I don't need a full fledged newsletter, but a couple of sentences would be nice.

  7. Christmas cards don't really make sense to me - not with the internet. Just sayin . . . A card from Starbucks? LOL!!

  8. I bet it would be hard to be a teacher or other support personnel in a school this time of year! Good that the break is in sight! I send just a few cards and get a few cards. I remember my mom sending out so many and getting so many. For her it was a good way to keep in touch with people we had moved away from.


  9. We send cards. More importantly, we save the cards we receive and each Sunday night the following year we pull out one. We pray for that family or person with dinner each night that week until the following Sunday. We don't know what's going on in their life at that point, but God does -- and it's amazing how often people have told us later about something that was going on at the same time we were praying for them -- we don't tell them we are praying for them -- but somehow, God's timing for our prayer adds to that person's need. Go figure.

  10. I LOVE Christmas cards!!!!
    I don't know anyone except you with this kind of relationship with your starbucks....are the employees coming to your house for Christmas??? :)


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