Makin' a List

I thought I was being clever with my post title, until I went over the Susan's blog and saw her title, which is exactly the same.  No, I will not change it, and yes, that's probably where I got the idea!
Susan has provided a list of 25 items to find and submit a picture.  I have a cheap, cheap, cheap point & shoot, so don't use not having a decent camera as an excuse not to play along! 
Today's item:  "A List".  I'm pretty organized at work, but I don't really make lists.  The only list I usually make is my grocery list.  I use my calendar to make notes of things I need to do, but I just don't make lists.
I looked around school, and didn't see any hanging on the walls.  I talked to a kindergarten teacher, and she said they don't do lists for Santa anymore since the paper has stopped printing them.  What to do?  I went to the librarian and asked if she had any lists.  She gave me the funniest look; I told her I thought I'd just throw it out there and see what she came up with.  She had plenty of lists, but none pertaining to Christmas.  So, she pulled up a list of Christmas books on the computer:

That's not cheating, is it?  :)
Come join in the know you want to!  Link up with Susan at This Day!


  1. I love reading Christmas books all year long,

  2. I love lists - you should have called and I could have helped in your search!

  3. You've know me...I love books especially Advent and Christmas books!

  4. That's a great list. I need to take a close look because I am in need of a few more books to read to my kids!

  5. nice post! thank you so much for sharing...blessings... soraya

  6. That was smart! I love the list of Christmas books and I love this idea....

  7. Thomas jokes that I can't go to the bathroom without making a list first, lol!!!! I'm a list maker - and proud of it!!

    I'm old and I forget things...but even when I was younger, I made lists! It feels so satisfying to cross things off as you accomplish them. Unless you don't get anything done and then it's just depressing!!!

    You need a list of Christmas movies too!


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