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Half-Past Kissin' Time
~  First things first:  Mrs. 4444 is having a giveaway in honor of her birthday!  I'm not going to divulge her age, but know that she's 1 year younger than I!  If you don't already follow her, head over to see her!  She is a HOOT!!!

~  Did anybody catch "Black Box" last night on ABC?  I don't know where creators are getting ideas for some of these shows.  It was really strange, but I couldn't stop watching!

~Another show I got caught up in last weekend is "Orphan Black" on BBC America.  This one has to do with cloning.

~  YS earned quite the honor last night.  He beat the "Blazing Challenge" at Buffalo Wild Wings:  He ate 12 blazing wings in 5 minutes and 31 seconds.  His prize?  A t-shirt and a picture on the wall.  I have a feeling he's going to be taking several trips to the bathroom today!
~  Yesterday at one of my schools, students who beat the reading challenge got to take some turns on a climbing wall.  It was a beautiful day for it!  It reeked a bit of havoc on my schedule, but I was able to do quite a bit of paperwork and just breathe!
 ~  Wednesday was Special Olympics.  The olympians were met in the hall by every student in the school.  It was so sweet to see how excited they were!
~  OS' Picture of the Week:
This picture was taken a week ago:
My grand-dog:
Have a great weekend!


  1. I started watching Black Box but couldn't keep my eyes open... I wondered if it was good. I may have to catch it online.

  2. I've not watched either of those shows.

    Hope your YS is feeling okay today. lol

    Love the picture of your granddog!

  3. I didn't watch the new show but it looked intriguing. I just don't want to take on new shows, I tape way too many already. Way to go YS! I would love to be standing on that mountain top. Love your grand puppy.


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