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The official name of Tremont is "Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont".  Its website describes itself as "...a nonprofit residential environmental education center that provides in-depth experiences through education programs that celebrate ecological and cultural diversity, foster stewardship, and nurture appreciation for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park".  
My 5th grade class spent a few days/nights there way back when.  One of my sisters said that when she went, one of her teachers loved it so much that he quit his job as a teacher and went to work at Tremont. 
It's an exciting trip for the kids:  they stay in the dorm, go in informational hikes, and have meals in the cafeteria.  The staff has several different options for the teacher to choose from, so that their stay is tailored just for them.
But, Tremont isn't just for kids.  They have programs for all ages, as well as programs for homeschoolers.  They have hiking adventures, workshops, and special events throughout the year.  They have summer camps (with scholarships available) for all ages.  There's even a "Teacher Escape Weekend".
They have an extremely dedicated staff.  This year, the 5th graders at one of my schools were scheduled to go on their Tremont trip, but the government shut-down kept them from going.  The staff felt so bad about it, that some of them came to the school (it's not that far away from Tremont) and did some lessons with them for 1/2 of a day.  They did this on their own, knowing they weren't going to get any kind of reimbursement.  It brought tears to my eyes.
The 2nd time this group was scheduled to go, there was a snowday, so they didn't get to go.  3rd time's a charm, so they finally got to go.  Here is our science teacher's tshirt:
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The clip below will give you an idea of what the campus looks like:


  1. What a great program for the kids. We have one similar in the mountains behind Palm Springs. The kids spend the weekend learning about the flora and fauna of the area, the wildlife, and wilderness skills. It was a great weekend for my child and since it was all hands on, he learned so much more. They also rode horses back into the forest, a new treat for our more citified kids. Kudos to Tremont for providing the kids with the experience even when it didn't seem possible.

  2. That is neat the group from your school finally was able to make it there this year! Seems like a great experience for all involved!



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