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There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  Friends of the Smokies provides different ways to volunteer.  Tn. & NC both have license plates.  In NC, $20 of the $30 for each plate is donated for improvements in the NC side of the Park, while in Tn., $30.75 out of the $35 is donated for the GSMP.  As an added bonus, when you let the organization know that you have the plate, they will give you a free year of membership.  
Friends of the Smokies also organizes trail maintenance, as well as office or special event volunteers.  They also have "adopt a campsite" and "adopt a trail" programs.  They even have the need for volunteers to help search for new species. 
The "Volunteers in Parks" is directly affiliated with the National Park.  Some of the opportunities available are in conjunction with Friends of the Smokies.  For a complete list, click here.  
In addition to the "VIP" program, the Park also has a Student Intern program, Scout Rangers (for boy scouts & girl scouts), and a Student Conservation Association.
Since there is no charge for admission to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it is truly the people's park.  The people are allowed to take ownership of it by taking care of the upkeep.


  1. What awesome programs for people to take part in!

  2. That is pretty cool what they do with the license plates!


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