Historic Grist Mills

There are 2 historic grist mills in the Great Smoky Mountains:  1 is in Cades Cove, Tn., and the other is Mingus Mill, in NC.
John P. Cable Grist Mill (Cades Cove) was built in the early 1870's.  When Cades Cove had around 700 residents, there were around 4 mills.  This mill is still standing, and in fact, is still working.  At different times of the year, you can buy cornmeal from this mill.  If you want more information about how this mill works, click here.  
There is something comforting about hearing and seeing the water go around the wheel.  I can remember going there when I was young, and standing on the wooden platform to see the water in the "chutes" that feed into the wheel.
John P Cable Grist Mill 2


  1. Yes, we had the Old Saw Mill back in Illinois and I loved hearing the water.....
    Love your photo, what a pretty place!

  2. I always love watching old mills working. Something simple yet complicated.

  3. I think it is neat that one of the mills is still working! Have you bought corn mill from it?



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