The "Y"

Although many people think of this place as "The Y", it is actually "The Wye".  It is actually a "Y" in the road coming out of Townsend:  if you take the right arm, you go into Cades Cove, if you go left, you go toward Gatlinburg or Cherokee (and go through Newfound Gap).  
Just to the left of the road, you can see the river.  In the summer, it is covered with people enjoying the cold water on a hot summer day.  You can also see people tubing here.  Growing up, we were never allowed to swim there due to the undercurrent.  There have been several drownings at that particular spot in the river.
There is a parking lot, but during the summer it stays full. The picture below makes it look pretty peaceful and calm, but there are sections that can get a little "hairy", especially after we get some rain.

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The science teacher at one of my schools took this picture of the Wye partially frozen this winter, after we have several very cold days:
Photo: Frozen – Tarah Green - After my school's 5th grade trip to Tremont had been cancelled for the 2nd time due to different circumstances, another teacher and I drove to Tremont to re-reschedule. The river was amazing. On the way back, we stopped at the Wye, which was frozen all the way across. I thought it was simply amazing. The currents were frozen in time, at least for a little while

The  Y (or "Wye") is yet another place the locals go to cool off on hot summer days!

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  1. Looks like such a perfect place to spend a summer afternoon!


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