Weekend Wrap-up

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What a gorgeous weekend! 

I stayed at work on Friday until 4:30; I wanted to get my stuff ready for Monday so I wouldn't have to think about it this weekend.  I also got my desk semi-cleaned off...I hate walking into my room when my desk is overflowing!

CH & I spend 2 hours at the cell phone store on Friday evening.  I went by on Wednesday because my home battery appeared to not be making a good connection any more.  It turns out that I was due for an upgrade, so I went with it.  I got a phone that was very similar to my other one, so I was all good...until I tried to make a phone call Friday afternoon.  I would hear 1 ring, then it would disconnect.  When I tried to call my own phone, it would ring & ring on the caller's side, but not on mine.  That was the reason for the trip on Friday.  Turns out that phone was defective, so I got a completely different phone.  And it only took 2 hours (yep, that's sarcasm, Sheldon!).

There was so much going on in K-Town on Saturday, it was ridiculous!  The Orange & White Game, The Dogwood Arts Festival, and The Rossini Festival, all within just a few blocks of each other.  YS is in a group that played at the Rossini Festival, so CH & I went to hear him.  The traffic was CRAZY, so I ended up getting out and walking to where he was performing while CH made his way to parking.  He tried to park in a parking deck, but it was full, so he ended up finding a parking space somewhere else.  He missed the first couple of pieces they played, but got there soon after.  Some pictures from the Rossini Festival:



Saturday night, we went to a party at a friend & co-worker's house for her birthday.  I didn't take any pictures, though.  They have a pretty sweet set-up:  they bought the house next to theirs, so they opened up the yards.  I told her it was a perfect place for us to have a slumber party so we didn't have to worry about driving home!

I got all of the posts for this week's A-Z Blogging Challenge written and scheduled to publish. I'm looking forward to this week...no school on Friday!  YAY!!!

Since I missed Friday Fragments on Friday, I didn't post OS' Picture of the Week!

 Hope your weekend was as nice as mine!


  1. Your pictures make me want to move back to Knoxville ASAP! Those last pics. are of the Rockies, right? Just as pretty as I remember them! So glad you had a great weekend! Our weather couldn't have been more perfect!

  2. I need a new phone so badly & dread getting used to it all over again.

  3. I need a new phone so badly & dread getting used to it all over again.

  4. I can't believe how long it takes at the phone store!!! Sounds like a nice weekend and love the photos from OS.

  5. That was a long time just to get a new phone ... although I guess I shouldn't be surprised. ;-)

    You live near Knoxville? We'll be driving through there on our way to and from Hilton Head ... I'll be sure to wave as we go by. ;-)


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