Juney Whank Falls

Juney Whank Falls is a waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains that I've never even heard of, much less visited.  It is in the NC side of the park, which is probably why I've never heard of it.
Hiking in the Smokies describes the walk to the falls as "easy":  it's only .5 mile, but it does say that it is a steep climb.  
There are a couple of stories as to the origin of the name.  1 story is that it is short for Junaluska Whank, who may be buried around the falls.  The other story is that "Juney Whank" means "where the bear passes" in Cherokee.
You can get a "3-fer" when you visit these falls:  Toms Branch Falls and Indian Creek Falls are accessible from the same parking lot as Juney Whank.  Toms Branch is only .3 miles from the trailhead, while Indian Creek is .6 miles past Toms Branch.

juney whank falls


  1. The name of these Falls got my attention. Lots a beautiful places in"them that" mountains.

  2. That looks like a beautiful fall. Would love to see it in person someday!

  3. Pretty with an interesting name!



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