Last Random on My Own!

1.  That's right.  Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee, host of the Random Dozen will be back with a whole new set of questions for us to answer next week!   WOO-HOO! 

2.  My students are all accounted for.  I was a little sad that a couple of them had moved to other states, and I didn't get to tell them goodbye.   I always hope that I had an impact on their lives, and that they won't forget about me years from now.

3.  Yesterday was the first time I got to use the "I'm not a football mom...I don't have to go to a football related event if I don't want to" card.  Well, guess what?  I didn't wanna, and I didn't.  It was the first time an inter-team scrimmage was held.  I had no desire to sit out in the hot bleachers to see someone elses' kids playing on the field.  I've done my time and now I'm done.  The band is in charge of the concession stand, and my services weren't needed (prayer of thanks inserted here).  YS had to go because the band was playing, and die-hard high school football fan husband just wanted to go.  (insert nice quiet time alone in the cool house here)  

4.  Thursday is a day off.  Yes, after just 3 days of school, we get a day off due to elections.  The county schools are used as voting places, so there's no school.  Yee-Haw!  I'm planning on going to Daily Mass, grocery store, meeting friends for lunch at a new Mexican place in town (insert one margarita in here), and relaxing.  Should be a good day.

5.  MS started a new job since lifeguarding is pretty much over: he's a waiter in a restaurant.  I think it's good for him to work in the food industry:  he'll have an appreciation to how hard servers work and how crappy customers can treat them.  Good life lesson.  The owners of the restaurant are tough:  they expect a lot out of their employees.

6.  Every now and then Sister Ann Marie at Franciscan Life posts a video from youtube with positive thoughts.  The one I watched yesterday had a couple of lines from a song by Joyce Marie that really struck me.  And, since we've just started a new school year, these are words to live by:
"Your gift of free will allows you to choose.
You are the master of your attitude."

from the song Uplifted and Inspired
Thank you, Sister Ann Marie!

7.  This is a total random number of random things that I'm doing today, so just go with it!
I have to share this commercial with y'all.  I saw it for the first time a few nights ago.  It's the funniest commercial I've seen in a while!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Franciscan Life blog. I was taught by Franciscan nuns through elementary school.

    Margaritas on Thursday? I'll be there in spirit! Cheers!

    BTW- did sleepwalk not about the black widow spider though!

  2. Oooh, I hope you enjoyed your night at home...alone!

    I remember voting days when I was in elementary school was a polling location, only they didn't close down.

  3. I love the piggies. :)
    Congrats on sitting out of the football...some upsides to your kids moving on.

  4. Mary, thanks for referencing my blog. I'm glad you liked the video.

    I was so surprised when, in some of your recent posts, you talk about being back in school already. Is that the usual timing in your area?

  5. My girl and her daddy are looking forward to a day off tomorrow! However, I have to work. No fair! I hope you have a great day, sounds like you have a lot of nice things planned.
    How funny! That commercial is cute.

  6. I was so excited when I found out that Random Dozen was coming back.
    I really enjoy answering her questions each week. Thank you for sharing the commercial, I hadn't seen it yet, it is so darn cute!

  7. Glad to hear we are going back to Random dozen...although I have enjoyed your Random things all summer. I loved that commercial. I had not seen it yet. I am glad you have a day off....even if it is for elections....hey...we work for schools...we take any holiday we can get! You have to read my post today....I tell on myself.

  8. Lots of good things in here...quiet, cool,EMPTY house. Daily Mass (do you miss it?) Adult beverages.

    I don't get the whole thrill about sitting on narrow little bleachers with no back in the sun watching other people's kids play, either.

    Enjoy your day off!!

  9. Now I wish we'd stopped would have been fun to blog about catching you unawares : )

    I'm behind still, trying to catch up here and there...yay for the Random Dozen returning.

  10. I always hope the same thing as you do in #2.

    That commercial was funny. I have never seen it before.

  11. The carpool from hell. Thanks for the great laugh!

  12. I love your randomness, but I'm looking forward to Random Dozen again so I can participate!

  13. great going to a Mexicam restaurant and having a drink. Please eat a meal as we talk about you. the commercial was cute. thanks. Rose


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