The Moon Pie Ice Cream Saga

This past week, I have bought 3 of these containers.  "Boy, y'all eat a lot of ice cream!" you may be saying.  Weeeell, no.  Here's what  happened:  
Container 1:  Husband took it out of the freezer and put it on top of the refrigerator.  We've had a problem with the ice dispenser being stuck on crushed (which we hate!), so he researched (love internet!) and figured out how to fix it.  Well, he forgot it was up there, and I found it the next morning.
Container 2:   Thursday afternoon we had a thunderstorm.  One lightening strike turned the house blue.  The dumb amazing thing was that I was on the computer and it was fine.  I know, I're supposed to turn off all of the electrical stuff during a storm.  I just figured by the time I turned everything off, the storm would be over.  The bad thing was that the refrigerator light was off when I opened it.  I called husband, and as soon as he answered I had  this bright idea to go and check the breaker.  Yep, I'm some kinda smart; that's what it was.  Refrigerator light was back on.  That evening, we discovered that the water dispenser wasn't dispensing water.  In trying to figure out what was going on, husband had taken the ice cream and put it...where?  Yes, on top of the frig. I saw it Thursday night, fussed at him told him that he left it out (it was just a little soft) and put it back in the freezer.  Friday morning:  there's water under the frig.  I cleaned it up, praying that I wouldn't come home to a flooded kitchen.  Nope, there was some water, but not much.  I used my super-sleuthing skills and discovered that the water was coming from the ice dispenser:  the ice had melted which meant that the refrigerator/freezer really wasn't working.  Good thing we have another frig downstairs and had an extra boy here!  The ice cream was more like soup at this point, so down the drain it went.
Container 3:  I bought the last container Sunday.  Monday I actually was able to have a little bit, and boy, is it good!  Who knew $1.88 ice cream could taste so good? (Well, technically I paid $5.64 for it:  $1.88 x 3!)  It's "slap your grandma" good, y'all!  Monday around 5:00, I'm on the computer, trying to catch up with reading blogs, and guess what?  The power goes out.  There doesn't seem to be any reason for it: there were no storms in the area.  It just goes out.  YS looks at me and says:  "Mom, what's in the freezer?"  We got a good laugh out of it, and I told him that if it melted this time, it wasn't meant for us to have it.  The power was out for 2 hours, which is extremely unusual for where we live. And the ice cream:  Good as new!   After the power came back on, the cable wasn't working.  I was in a near panic, knowing today is Monday.  I was beginning to think I'd have to start knocking on doors so I could watch "The Real Housewives of New Jersey".  Thank goodness it came back on:  Life is good. 
One of my nephews called later and said that a friend of theirs was walking their dog right next to where the transformer blew (which happened to be near our house) and the dog got away.  So, that mystery was solved.  I don't know if they found their dog.  I went out and tried to find it, and I'm keeping my eye  on the yard.  We get some stray dogs coming through the yard every now and then.  

So, while the power was out, YS & I had some doggy time.  And I did what any self-respecting blogger would do:  I took some pictures.  I tried to get some video of my little girls playing, but they didn't do anything unusually cute while the camera was on.  Suz at Day by Day With Suz has a couple  of beautiful boxers.  A while back she posted a picture of one of her dog's paws.  I told her I was going to post one of Pepper's paws; she's our Jack Russell mix.  I think her feet are the funniest things:  we call them "Grinch feet".  See if you can tell why:
She is the hairiest little dog I've ever seen.  After taking several pictures of her paws, I think she'd had enough:
Can you see her little Grinch feet in that picture?  Cracks me up!  Here's a picture of YS while we were waiting for the power  to  come back on:
And a picture of my girls after they had had enough of outside and wanted to get cooled off:

 In the top picture I thought Ally was being all sweet and showing her little sister some love...until I saw Pepper heaving.  She made it outside just in time!
And, I think that's a good way to end this post!  Oh!  The refrigerator!  It ended up just being the fan...the frig was cooling, but the air wasn't circulating through the unit.  We were quite  relieved that we weren't going to have to buy a new refrigerator!


  1. OK, so I thought the paw was a tail until I read further! Sorry! Cute puppy! ~ One time when I was single, for no apparent reason except that I had half a brain at the time, I ran out of milk and cereal (or so I thought). I was quite sure that I had some and couldn't figure out how it dissappeard so fast. Anyhow, I went to the store and bought some milk and cereal. When I was unloading the groceries, I discovered I had put the previous gallon of milk on top of the fridge (where I usually put the cereal) and had put the cereal in the fridge. By the time I discovered it, the milk was bad, (yes a few days had elapsed) but now I had a new gallon that I had just bought at the store. Apparently I had misplaced my brain as well!

  2. What a mess! Great that you don't have to buy a new fridge, but I'd say... Keep that ice cream far away! Ha!

  3. Grinch feet? OH YEAH! The dogs are adorable; I love how Ally's sitting there with her tongue hanging out.

    Too funny about the ice cream! I've caught my hubby leaving things out many times, and yes, sometimes caught them too late.

    That Kroger Deluxe ice cream is amazing Have you tried Death By Chocolate? YUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!!

  4. Very glad you didn't have to buy a new fridge. You've definitely had a lot going on! Glad the ice cream was good. You'll have to buy it often, it's earned its place!

  5. How funny about the ice cream...your son's question made me laugh...I want to try that ice cream, but I am a little afraid!

  6. Dang! I laughed that you almost lost that third container of ice cream!!

  7. What a week filled with Ice cream drama!!!! This seriously sounds like the type of things that happen to us!

    I am kinda glad to hear that we are not the only ones who have electricity issues. I call our power company: Florida Flash and Flicker! (instead of Florida power and light)

    Love the grinch paws...your pups are so cute!!

  8. I've been known to place a thing or two on top of the fridge, too, and forget about it! :-(
    Your girls are soooo cute, Mary! Isn't it amazing how "human" they become to us? How much we love them? :-)
    I'm not much of an ice cream person but my husband sure is, but he usuall sticks to pretty basic flavors.

  9. Died laughing at the "Slap your Grandma good" comment. Never heard that one before.

    Funny post!

  10. How funny....never heard of moon pie ice cream...YUMMY!!

  11. I too have left ice cream and other things on top of the fridge. The ice cream sounds divine. I love moon pies. Love the girls they are so cute. Thanks for sharing them with us. May have to ride the pity pony once more and get Frank to get me some.

  12. Lol I know it’s been 7 years but do you by any chance remember were you bought the ice cream from?

  13. It would have been Kroger since that's the only place I shopped back then!


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