Wild, Wild West

Y'all know how husband enjoys riding his motorcycle (aka "the ugly green bike").  2 years ago he and a couple of friends rode to Alaska, making sure they rode to the Arctic Circle.  This year he planned on riding the Continental Divide with those same 2 friends.  About a month ago, his friends told him they couldn't make it for various reasons.  OS had  planned on going with him and spending a few  days with some friends of his who are river guides.  So, what did husband decide to do?  Here's a hint:
Saturday husband loaded up the car with the ugly green bike in tow, and he & OS headed west.
I have proof that they didn't kill each other on the way over, unless some stranger took this picture:
Yesterday was husband's birthday...these are a couple of his  birthday views:

(I told you the bike was ugly!)

When I was growing up, birthdays weren't that big of a deal.  I guess when you have 10 kids, it's hard to make a huge deal out of everybody's birthday.  That being said, when husband said something about not being with the family for his birthday, I pretty much shrugged it off and told him it was just another day.  (Yes, I can be mean that way.)  It looks like  he's enjoying himself.  Prayers for a safe journey would be greatly appreciated!

MS is in his first full week of college life with classes.  He's dropped and added a class and has found something to occupy his time (like he needs anything else):  rugby.  Whatever.  I don't understand it, and don't understand why a group of big sweaty guys would want to get together and hug each other in the middle of a field.   But, hey, if that's what he wants to do...
I did get an amusing text from him today.  It read:  "You have to pay to wash clothes here."  No _____, Sherlock!   (Sorry, there's nothing else can describe that text!)  He just cracks me up!  I have no idea what he thought....this university takes it to you every which way ($250 for a parking sticker if you live on campus is a bit much!), of course they aren't going to let you wash your clothes for free!  Oh, the life lessons he's learning!

As a plus for husband being out of town:  YS made dinner today! We tried something new:  Carne Guisada.  He said next time he'll put in some refried beans for some awesome burritos.  (We believe in eating carbs at our house!)  

Okay, guess that gets everybody in a post!  It doesn't happen very often, does it?  Hope everybody is having a Terrific Tuesday! 


  1. Haha this post just made my morning so much brighter. I chuckled at your bike caption...told you the bike was ugly!

    Yes, a $250 parking permit seems a bit much. I have one too. UT offers many ways in which they suck all of your money dry. Including not free laundry ;)

  2. That is so awesome of you hubby and OS taking the trip. It is enjoying life to the max when you set goals (bucket lists) and really check them off as you go.

  3. I am quite impressed with your husband! The longest I've ridden on a motorcycle was about 100 miles and I could hardly walk when I got off. Can't imagine riding as much as it seems he is. What great memories for him and your son to make together!

  4. Well laundry is part of the tuition here which is exhorbitant so technically laundry isn't free. Sometimes my kids will say it's free here and we have to remind them about that fact...I will say its nice not to have them scrounging for quarters!

    They do charge 20$ for a parking ticket. Insane!

  5. Your husbands bike might be ugly, but he loves it doesn't he???
    I hope he has a blast and a great 'memorable' birthday!!!
    I thought Moms drove to college and did your laundry. :0

  6. LOL at MS's text to you. HOw funny!

  7. That is so awesome that your husband has made these trips on his motorcycle. My hubs would be so envious! Glad that he and OS are able to do the trip together!
    About choked from laughter when I read your son's comment about the laundry and your reply! LOL
    I knew that college could be expensive but that parking fee seems outrageous! Good grief!
    Hope your week is going well!! :-)

  8. What a great post. It made my soul sing. Expensive parking...but looks like the guys are having a wonderful time. Enjoy yourself while you can....


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