Friday's Fave Five & Follow Friday Over 40

Woo-Hoo!  Another week down!  Here are my FFF for the week:
1.  Capturing butterflies on the plants, and having the pictures (taken with my cheapo $70 camera!) turn out:
(Why yes, those are the plants I planted last Memorial Day weekend!  Thank you for asking and noticing!)
2.  Winning a basket from SportsClips last Saturday during the Office Depot Teacher Appreciation morning: 
 (Actually, Youngest Son was more excited with the products than I was...he ended up  confiscating them!)
3.  Finding an HP All-In-One (Printer, Copier,  Scanner) on sale for Middle Son, then getting $10 off with my Star Teacher Discount, PLUS getting  no tax during Tax-Free Weekend!  (Total cost:  $89!)
4.   Watching my Princess taking full advantage of the couch:

5.  The edit feature on Picasaweb.  Look what it did with Pepper's picture:
From spooky eyes 

To sweet eyes

I hit the "red-eye" feature, then specified "fur", and voila!  Amazing!


  1. Love the spooky eyes vs. sweet eyes! Have a good weekend!

  2. Hey! Gotta love those cha-ching moments!

    Happy to hear that I'm not the only one counting down until fall break! WooHoo!

  3. I love those editing features for more aliens. :)
    You have had a great week...I hope it continues on through the weekend and the year!!

  4. Wow, what an amazing difference on the eyes! My PhotoSuite program does pretty good, but I don't think it could do that!

    Your little camera does a great job - the butterflies are gorgeous.

    But my favorite is Princess - I think she needs her own tiara and chaise!

  5. I love winning things even if it's something I don't care for! There is just something uplifting about being the winner! ~ I love picasa for editing. If I edit a photo I almost always use picasa. I have photoshop, but it is so complicated and I don't have hours to learn it. Since I work full-time I think my time is better used by figuring out how to take the picture right the first time. picasa is great for quick fixes. Have you ever used Picnik. You might like that also. You just go to their website, upload your photo, edit it, and save it back to your computer.

  6. Ok...I did not know you could do that with Picasa!! Thank you for the tip!!!

  7. I just learned something new about Picasa as well. Your dog is adorable!

  8. I'm a teacher too...but haven't gotten to any of the appreciation events yet...we start after Labor Day! Your pooch is adorable! Have a great weekend

  9. I need some photo editing software in my life :-} I use and do have Neopaint and love it but it is old time.

    I think Picasa is a free download, oh it is going to be one of my Winter projects to use.

    Thanks for the tip


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