Picture Pages

Remember that song from a children's show?  It's running through my head now, and I have no idea what show it came from!  Maybe someone can help me out?
Anyway, I'm posting some of my husband's pictures from his trip this far.  Enjoy!

This was his campsite a couple of nights ago.  I love the colors in the background.  You may have to click on it to get the full effect!

This is known as "Aspen Alley".  It's apparently one of the most photographed scenes among Adventure Riders.

OS is having the time of his life.  This is the farthest he's been from home, and the first vacation he's had (not counting trips to the beach & DisneyWorld with the family).  He and a friend went 4 wheeling for his friend's birthday.  A little bit of bad news here:  The vehicle my son was on had something wrong with it when he returned it.  I'm sure it was just wear & tear; nothing different than what happens on a daily basis.  BUT, the policy is that you have to pay 1/2 of the repairs.  OS was extremely upset because he didn't have the extra money to pay for it.  It's just his luck that something would happen to his vehicle.  
Here are a couple of his pictures:
He is loving it out in Wy.  I have a feeling if he gets the chance, he's going to be out there after he graduates!  He's having a great time, and he deserves it:  he's been working hard in school, and trying very hard to do the right thing.  

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures!  Have a great day!


  1. Picture Pages was a thing Bill Cosby did with his magic marker. I wanted my own picture page thing so badly!!

    Wyoming looks beautiful!

  2. What beautiful photos...I want to go, but not in anything 'open air' :)
    How about a chauffeured caddy for us?

  3. I'd like a trip out west...my grandparents had a big farm in Colorado and my mom grew up in NM so I've spent some time there but never Wyoming or Montana or any place further west...it looks so beautiful!

  4. I truly enjoyed the pictures. My husband and I were in WY some years ago. I believe I regognize the distant mountain range to be the Grand Tetons. We drove over that range (coming from west of there) in a car and stopped in Jackson Hole. That was a trip!


  5. L would be jealous of OS...he wants to go out west. Great pictures.

  6. I love everything -- especially the blue sky! Okay, I don't love the idea of sleeping in a tent and then getting back on a motorcycle for a full day's ride, but I'm over 45, so perhaps that colors my view!

    Other than that, good for your hubs and OS to be doing this together!

  7. Picture Pages was done by Bill Cosby, as someone said, but it was on Captain Kangaroo -- at least it was when *I* saw it.


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