Photo Roulette

This is a meme that I've been meaning to participate in for the past few weeks, but have had other things going on.  Yesterday, the Flashback Friday's prompt was pretty good, especially since last night was YS' high school's first football game.  (3 hours away.  Because no one in the state will play them.  Because they've won the past 6 state championships in their class.)  Here are the "rules" for this meme:  Cara at Mischief and Laughs randomly (I'm assuming) picks a folder and picture from the photo album.  This week was the 3rd folder, 25th picture.  I didn't have 25 pictures in that folder, so I picked the 5th instead.  You post the picture and give a description of it, then go link up.  Yes, it's that simple!  Here's my picture:
 This is Youngest Son (YS) with his bike in 2008.  Husband is an avid biker (he has a couple of Harleys allowed in this house, though!) and he really wants one of the boys to share his love of motorcycles.  OS rode for a while, and will occasionally ride; MS has never expressed a desire to even learn; so husband bought this bike for YS in the hopes that he would learn to ride.  Husband says YS is doing well with the learning, we just have to get down to the DMV for him to get his bike permit.

As with any meme, if you join in and want to meet new people or share your picture with others, go visit Cara for Photo Roulette and link up!


  1. Mary! You remembered this week. I had planned to remind you about it and saw your name when I went to link up this week. Great photo! We don't have a bike right now...but my husband has kept his motorcycle endorsement just in case we get a bike in the future. We would love to have one someday! Have a great weekend! Candace

  2. There are two young boys up the street who have these. Their dad loves to ride and is a great teacher.

  3. No harleys, though?
    I'd love to photograph that awesome aqua bike! nice color.
    Thanks for linking up!

  4. My husband loves motorcycles, but as a child, he called them Mo-keys. He still slips up and calls them that occasionally - it's cute, but don't tell him I said so.

  5. I love the aqua colored first and only bicylce was that color. It is my favorite color of all. Sorry you had to go so far last night for a game....ouch!

  6. It would be nice for one of your sons to love motorcycling along with their dad. Love the motorcycle your son is on!
    I used to ride enduro/mudrun back in the day when my body would take it but gave it up in my late 20's.
    My husband loves Honda street bikes and has had three in our 25 years of marriage but always finds a reason to sell them and then always longs for another but doesn't want to put out the money. Go figure.
    So there's my story. :-)
    Enjoyed your photo and story, Mary!


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