A Dilemma & A Disappointment

Can anyone out there help me?  My sister brought a cactus to me when we moved into our house 6 years ago.  That seems to be the one thing I can grow.  Anyway, I have this cactus that just keeps growing and adding some little "extensions" (I have no idea what you call it).  It's just about a foot tall, and, unless it's leaning against the window, won't stay up straight.  A few months ago, I was overjoyed...I thought it was growing a bloom.  Soon though, my joy turned to misery as it was just another "extension" growing.  Guess what?  I looked closely at it yesterday, and here's what I saw:
See what I mean?  Doesn't that look like it's going to bloom?  Betcha it's going to be another extension. 
Here's where I need help:  Can I snip off one of the extensions and plant it?  How do I keep the thing from falling over?
I hope someone out there can empathize with my dilemma and give me some help!

Now, on to a disappointment.  My bloggy friend, Karen, is in my area.  We had made plans to meet on Tuesday night for dessert, but her RL friends had made plans for them.  It was cool to hear her voice; she doesn't really sound like I thought she would.  Isn't it strange how we imagine a person to sound?  Oh well, Karen, you missed out on this:

And just as soon as I get through my frozen ones from last year, I'm gonna bust this one open!  Karen:  I'll think of you with every little bite!  :D

Hope everybody has a Happy Little Friday!


  1. I'm not the one to give plant advice but good luck with that. Hubs says plants coming into our house must feel like they've been sent to the gulag. I let them almost die before I remember to water. I'm doing better in this house but I noticed one on its last legs yesterday. Such is the life of a plant here.

    I have never seen pumpkin spice kisses...oh my.

  2. I have no advice on the cactus. I once dressed as a cactus for Halloween though, one of those with the cute red bloom on top! LOL
    Now, tell me where you found those pumpkin spice kisses!! Not that I need them but if they freeze well that would be an awesome treat!

  3. I have no idea about the cactus dilemma...I can't keep plants alive for the life of me. haha

    I also have never seen pumpkin spice kisses. It's my mission now to find some. :)

  4. I know nothing about cacti....but the internet might. :)
    Sorry about the missed meeting...and I agree with you, people NEVER sound like you expect them to.

  5. Yum! Waltzing Matilda posted a snack with these melted on little pretzles. They looked delish! I was planning on buying and making some this weekend.

    Bummer about not being able to hook up.

    Not sure on the cactus.

    Have a great Thursday!

  6. those kisses look delicious! I never heard of that particular flavor, might have to look into them. I admire you for actually having candy in the freezer, it barely makes it to the cabinets here :)

    sorry it didn't work out with your friend; hope you can connect sometime soon

    clueless on the cactus, I'm wondering if a gardening center could help you if you called them for advice?


  7. I do not have a green thumb...

    BUT the kisses totally caught my eye... Pumpkin spice? never even seen those... I'm curious about them now.

  8. No idea on the cactus. Sorry!!

    That's too bad that you couldn't meet up. Enjoy your kisses by yourself. ;-)

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  10. i'mnot a plant person. i do know that cactus thrive very well. you could call a local nursery and get info. sorry that your plans fell through with your friend. maybe another time? take care rose

  11. I will be right over for those kisses! I'm craving chocolate!

  12. Mary, I asked Somnut, who works in our housekeeping dept. and who helps me with my plants, about your cactus. I have a Christmas cactus, that is pretty large now and is actually a combination of pieces of several smaller ones that have planted in the same pot! The photo of yours looks like a different kind but Somnut says you can do the same thing with it. You can snip off some of the extensions when they get too large and plant them back into the soil. She suggested using some Miracle Go soil because it's soft and also has nutrients in it. She stressed however, that there is no guarantee. Sometimes she does it and they do take root. Other times they do not. Hope this helps.


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