Sittin' on a Cliff

While Joyce was enjoying apple picking while her daughter was at home, here is what my oldest son was doing:

Yep, enough to give a mama a heart attack...or at least a few more gray hairs.

Kate is creative enough to make up her own awards, and she gave me one!  (YAY, Kate!)
The best part about it:  NO TIES.  At all!  But, I feel the need to pass the award on to a few people.  So, I decided to pass it to people who have ties to this small town where I live.  Here we go:
1.  Tina  
2.  Joyce 
4.  Kimert

Okay, you 4:  there are no ties to this award at all.  If you want to send it on, then do.  If not, just hang onto  it!  Aren't those the best kind of awards to get?


  1. Okay. The cliff hanging? Seriously? Did he want to bury you so early in life?

  2. Ha-pretty sure hubs would like to hang out with your son....That looks like his kind of place! I don't think I'll show him this.

    Thanks for the mention...I feel the ties to that little town : )

  3. congrats on the award! oh my gosh with your son! I tell you, it made me dizzy just looking at the picture!! one brave young man!


  4. Oh my gosh. That picture almost makes me hyperventilate. I hate heights and I wouldn't get within 20 feet of the edge.

  5. The cliff photo made me gasp.
    It might take me all day to get over it.

  6. Congrats on the award and the picture of your son gave me cold chills. Good thing you saw the picture AFTER the fact.

  7. My heart just sunk to my toes! And I think *I* have one more gray hair after looking at that pic!

    Congrats on the award and thanks! Speaking of ties to this small town I owe you apologies!

  8. It makes for a great picture - but DANGGGGGGGGG... my heart is beating insanely just looking at those feet dangling!!!

  9. Seriously, that is your son on the edge? OMG Cute award, congratulations!

  10. Whoa! That picture of your son made my chest get all tight - and my feet are safely on the floor of my office!


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