That's What Drugs Will Do

Here are some things that have happened around the area where I live:

1.  A guy who has been accused of making meth was found hiding under his house.  He had a trap door in a bedroom, so when the police came knocking, he went through the door and hid under the house.  Yep, they caught him.  Looks like he left his friend to fend for herself; she was being held with some meth-related charges.

2.  Two former workers at a Tiger Sanctuary decided to "get to drinking" (that's what the paper lie!), then run naked (or would that be "nekked" since they were up to something?) through their former workplace.  They also vandalized the on-site trailer they lived in.

3.  (This doesn't have anything to do with drugs, but they do have drugs in a hospital, so maybe it does!)  Bedbugs were found in a chair in a local hospital.  None were found in the bed, but they fumigated several rooms, then were given an "all clear".

4.  A woman called 911 and reported herself as driving under the influence.  She called and said that she had too much to drink and shouldn't be driving, and apologized for getting behind the wheel.  The local police used the GPS on her phone to determine her location, and an officer who was in the area found her, ran her plates to make sure it was her, and pulled her over.  The lady said she had only had one beer, and while the officer was informing her of her rights, she was making all kinds of noise so he couldn't get through the implied consent.  The unruly behavior continued and she was put in a restraint cell.

And finally:

5.   In a Nashville area high school, ten high school boys were caught smoking pot in the locker room. Before a game.  They were expelled.  One of the comments:  The team's fight song was changed to "Puff The Magic Dragon."  (The team lost the game 38-0.)

In the words of Ron White:  "You can't fix stupid." 

Sidenote:  Last night, the high school football players for the small school in the small town wore pink socks during the game for Breast Cancer Awareness.  The mother of one of the boys that MS graduated with lost her battle a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing was mentioned in the paper about the pink socks.  Now, if one of these boys had gotten in trouble it would've been front page news.  Sad...


  1. Hi Mary, that IS so sad..God bless her family..Why is it the nutjobs and whackos and just nasty folks live to be 100 and a mother passes away..I don't understand those things at all.

    Thanks for stopping by, have a great P.S.


  2. Ummm, wouldn't mind a trap door under the house - to hide from the kids.

  3. I love your counter!

    Definitely no shortage of stupid in the world! Enjoy your weekend. Friends invited us to go to the local highschool homecoming game this afternoon. It is gorgeous outside with perfect fall temps (it was 48 when I got up!) and we haven't been to a hs football game in a long long time!

  4. I saw your post on Dogmom's post so I just had to come here for a visit. That was such a sweet and kind thing those football players did as a tribute to that mom. It brings tears to my eyes. It is such a shame when all the negative things are top news stories. I guess it's everywhere not just where I live. Thanks for posting this.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. That was very sweet of them to wear the pink socks. Sad that the paper didn't mention it! Don't you just love Ron White!

  6. came over visiting from Debby's (Just Breathe) blog. I had to laugh about the trapdoor; clever! glad they caught him though. It is sad when they only report the bad news; that was an awesome thing the high school team did. To me, that is definitely newsworthy!!


  7. behind in reading blogs. bad news is "good news" for the newspaper and other media. little positive news. rose

  8. Huge Ron White fan over here!! Love the little tidbits you shared. BRAVO to the football players who wore pink socks, and BOO to the pot smoking idiots! Where were the coaches???

  9. And someone else said, "You can't make this stuff up!" LOL "Nekked", such a funny word! :-)
    Thanks for the smiles, Mary, and that was just so wonderful that those football players wore pink socks! You need to get the word out to someone on a national scale and see if they do anything with it! Seriously!
    I know I told you this once already, but I love your blog design and all of the extras! :-)

  10. I'm almost speechless. Wow. Just wow. This is pretty much why I don't watch the news. :) Crazy happenings out there!


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