Gearing up for the Random

The Random Dozen isn't until tomorrow, so I thought I would a "practice run"!

1.Do you ever get an e-mail that you just have to scratch your head and say "huh?"?   Here's one I got through school e-mail the other day:

 Does anyone have Tuna that they are not going to use?  If so, please let me know I will come and pick it up.
Thank you,

I have no idea what the heck she's talking about, and I was too afraid to ask!
2.  This is what it looks like when I look outside of my room at one of my schools:
If that doesn't scream "Fall", I don't know what does! (If you know anything about a being a speech pathologist in the public schools, you know that we are usually put into the smallest room in the school, sometimes a closet.  I'm very spoiled fortunate that at one of my schools I have a regular sized classroom.  Not only with a window and a sink, but also an outside door. That's unheard of in the speech pathology world!)

3.  YS got his driver's license last week and has taken over possession of the van.  He has driven to school 3 days so far (plus driving himself to the school to go to a band competition) as well as Sonic on Friday.  We only live a few blocks away from the school and Sonic, so it's really no big deal.  He, however, thought he was hot stuff because he drove to Sonic after school.  I didn't have the heart to remind him that he was only suppose to drive to school & back.  I'm trying hard to cut those apron strings, but it's a lot harder with this one!

4.  During a press conference following the UT/Alabama game, Coach Dooley was asked if they were out of the woods, schedule-wise.  Dooley said, "Are you kidding?  Next week we're playing the team that beat the team that just beat us 41-10.  Do you want to rephrase that question?"  At least he's keeping his sense of humor.

5.  UT did get the better of 'Bama on Saturday afternoon in a contact sport:  UT Varsity Rugby beat Alabama 73-0.  Yes, that's right:  73-0.  The Varsity Team is really neat to watch.  Hopefully I'll be watching MS on that team in a couple of years.

6.  YS' high school band finished their competition season with a "1".  At least they saved the best for last.    I got a call from the director right before he got home:  YS left his phone on the bus.  Great.  After a couple of phone calls to the local bus company and the high school, we determined that it was a lost cause.  Then, when I was on the way home from work yesterday afternoon, YS called.  Another band member had his phone.  YAY!  Sure would've been nice if his mom had called me yesterday to let me know her son had it.  Or maybe she didn't know.  Those of us with sons know what I'm talking about.

7. Did anybody hear about the rookie pro football player who caught a pass Sunday?  He caught it, fell down, and put the ball on the field.  He had not been touched by the opposing team.  A defender picked up the ball  and ran for a few yards.  Poor guy will never live that down.  Ever.

8.  I leave you with this:
And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Love the view from your classroom window, Lucky you! I didn't hear Dooley's answer you listed in #4 but reading it here made me laugh. I haven't given up on Dooley...Let's just say this (and the next 3-4 years) is a rebuilding time. I hope. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I went with a semi-random theme today too. But I guess I'm more or less random every day.

    We were watching the game with the 'free' ball. Poor guy!

    Oooh, a new driver. Always lots of fun having one of those in the house : )

  3. I LOVE Blue Bell...we just picked up Caramel Turtle Cheesecake...totally vein clogging I suppose!

    P.S. That cocunut rum and coke sounded good!

  4. No way re: the rookie! YOu're right, he will never live that down. Poor guy.

    By the way, my updated posts aren't coming through for everyone. So, if you aren't getting them, the feed is and you'll have to update that in your reader and/or blogger dashboard. You can also subscribe via email in a widget on my blog.

  5. oh wow on the ice cream! that could be a great flavor!! LOL about your son's phone, I so know what you are talking about, (and that is why we have insurance on his phone :)

    gorgeous fall picture from your class room. I didn't realize you were a speech pathologist, awesome!

    I'm quite puzzled about the tuna myself; do you think perhaps she meant tuba?


  6. Until this Saturday, I did not know that Coach Dooley was that young. He is pretty cute too!! I may have to watch the Vols more~~

  7. That is an absolutely gorgeous view out your window, Mary! It looks so peaceful...
    Our son has left/lost his cellphone so many times through the years we've lost count. He's married now, so it is no longer a concern of ours but not too long ago he lost his wallet and I had to help him replace some of the necessary legal things in it, like his SS card and so on.
    Is it a boy/son thing? I don't know...:-)
    Oh my but that ice cream does soun delicious! Have you had some?

  8. Blue Bell is made near here. I have toured their factory and it is awesome. I want to be a Blue Bell driver so I can eat all I want in my next life. Just kidding!

  9. Love Coach Dooley's quote! :D

    You know my weakness for ice cream and pumpkin as of late... and you tempt me. Sigh... ;)

  10. Don't kid yourself, daughters are like that too.

    Congrats on the 1. Very exciting.

    Congrats too to YS. Great accomplishment. Makes me crazy that my daughter shows absolutely zero interest in getting her license. Zero. *sigh*

  11. What a beautiful view from your classroom! And you are right....both of my boys worked with the speech therapist in grade school (the youngest even started at age 4), and they always had tiny, little interior rooms at both of the schools we attended during those years. Yea for you!!! And don't worry, it just gets harder to cut those apron boys just moved into their first apartment at the beginning of the month. My hubby says I have to quit finding excuses to drop stuff by their place all the time....



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