How to Awaken This Teenager

Yesterday I copied an e-mail I had received:  How to Awaken a Teenager.  Unfortunately the e-mail did not have the author's name, so I have no idea who to credit with the writing.
YS does a pretty good job waking up by himself, especially when Pepper is an eager alarm clock.  Here is a sample of what happens in our house in the morning:
Obviously this is a reenactment:  YS does not sleep on the floor.  After I tell Pepper "Tell your boy to get up", she goes into alarm clock mode, jumps on his bed, and starts waking him up, with me egging her on to not only get her boy up, but for her to "do your job".  All with a wagging tail.  Oh, to be that happy in the morning.


  1. How cute!! Our dog loves to come and lick you to wake you up each morning. Ick.

  2. Pepper does a very good job! your son is so patient with her too as she licks his face. I'm not sure how I would feel with puppy kisses so early in the morning :)

    seems like a great system though to get the teen out of bed to start his day :)


  3. Aren't dogs great!? Have you see the you tube video of the praying dog?

  4. If you need more help with the wakeup, I will send, Cecil, my cat. Because I get up by 4:15 am on workdays, on my days off he is in my face from 4:45 until at least 5:30. I guess by then he feels I am a lost cause!

    Loved your post!

  5. Hi Mary!!

    Hope you are doing good!

    Come and visit me...I have a surprise for you!!!

  6. Just stopping by from Follow Friday! cute pup!

  7. LOL! This is so funny! Our dog does the same thing. He loves faces. :)
    Congrats on being featured at Java´s tomorrow!

  8. I love to do this with our dog Oskar and my teenage boys! The boys enjoy it less than Oskar & I do.

    Visiting from the blog hop!

  9. Congrats on being the featured blogger over at Java's blog - and I TOTALLY relate to the waking up a teen thing!

  10. Stopping by from the 40 and over blog hop. I may have to avoid your blog - not sure I want to know what my 9 year old boy will be morphing into. ;o)

    Metro DC Mom (

  11. How cute! We, too, have a little dog named Pepper....and she's a pistol. Congratulations on being featured over at Follow Friday 40 and Over!!! Great to meet you and look forward to catching up on your blog....I think we might have a lot in common since my boys are 21 and 19!



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