Saturday Sampling and a Give-a-way!

Do you have a post written this week (either by you or someone else) that you think no one should miss?  
Do you get stressed because you can't read everybody's posts every day?
Mrs. 4444 has a solution!  Click on the link above and see the posts of the week that you shouldn't miss!

I chose the post titled "Dreaming" for mine this week.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  And, now everybody knows just how weird I really am!

Karen at Karen's Corner is getting ready to celebrate her 3rd Blogiversary!  Yay, Karen!  To commemorate this milestone, she's hosting a give-a-way!  Head over to this post to get the details and to enter!


  1. Thanks for the plug Mary and by my counts that gives you three entries. I loved the Dreaming post this sounded so like me.

  2. Good morning from Tokyo! I found your blog via another, and had to drop in and say hello! James Patterson is one of my favorite authors as well, and his books are such a Godsend while in Japan.

    A wonderful October day to you!



  3. I'll have to try out Saturday Sampling; sounds like a great way to read other blogs :)

    entered the giveaway last night :)

    hope it was a nice Saturday for you all!


  4. Thank you for sending us to Karen's Corner. I didn't enter her giveaway...yet. I did enjoy reading her post about becoming a pastor's wife. That was awesome!


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