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Wow!  Imagine my surprise when I woke up, let the girls out, then sat down at my computer, only to find several comments from new people!  I thought, "What's going on?"   Then, I read one of the comments congratulating me for being featured on Follow Friday 40 and Over!  WHAT? 
Let me just say this:  Yesterday was really crazy.  The high school usually has its football games on Friday night, but, since the kids don't have school today, they had it last night.  I've mentioned before that the band does the concessions at the games, right?  Well, on home game days, I rush home after work, let the girls out, then rush up to the school to help prep for the game.  Last night was the first night all season when the Mercy Rule wasn't in effect, so it was a late night.  I didn't get home until 11:00 and went straight to bed.  So, no visiting last night.
Since last night was the "Halloween" ballgame, the band dressed up in costume and did something special.  They had a really fun time!  Below are a couple of clips from halftime:
 Last night was the biggest game of the regular season:  both teams were undefeated and are #1 & #2 in the state.  The District Title was on the line.  Last year the game was dubbed a "Blackout" Game.  Free black t-shirts were handed out, and the football players come out with black jerseys.  This year was "Pink out".  Pink t-shirts were handed out in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  If you've been reading, you know that one of the boys' (who graduated last year) mother passed away a few weeks ago from breast cancer.  He was there last night, but I didn't get a chance to see him.  He had a place of honor on the sidelines, and was their biggest cheerleader last night.  
Last night was also Senior Night.  The Seniors' numbers are painted on the field (they were in pink last night), and the coach takes a time out when there are a few seconds left in the game so that the seniors can stand on their number and be recognized.  Very nice touch, and it really brings tears to your eyes seeing it, and thinking about all that they have accomplished the past 4 years. (Okay, last night it was probably the hormones, but when it's your son, it is incredible.)
This post turned out to be a lot longer than I had anticipated, so I'll leave you with a picture of mid-field from last night  (you can see #11's number to the left of the 50):



  1. What a special moment indeed and so much to be proud of, Mama!

  2. Happy Follow Friday! Do you have a spot for people to follow your blog? I couldn't find it! Stop over and say HI and link up!
    Our small town had a halloween parade last night. The High School band dressed up as zombies and played Thriller. It was really neat.

    Stop over! I have 1 tween and 2 teens-girls. I get the how to wake a teen thing. Susie

  3. If you want to follow, you can click on the "Follow" on the top header!

  4. Congrats on your feature!

    That is so cool that your school does that. I am really touched by the pink!

    Do you always play games on Thursday nights? In Michigan, all varsity games are on Friday nights. JV play on Thursdays.

  5. what a cute idea for the band to be in costume! such a variety of them too! I bet it was fun for them to be creative like this and figure out what they were going to wear

    such a touching gesture with the pink shirts and I like the numbers painted on the field to honor the seniors. I know most schools do something to honor seniors at the last game of the season but I had never heard of the numbers painted on the field before, I like it!

    not that I'm promoting my blog (too much) but come over some time, I won a giveaway from a lady whose teen son is in band and she works concession stands too; I'm too lazy to dig up her link to her journal but I linked it on that entry so you might want to take a peek at her journal since you have band/concessions in common (plus she's funny and sweet and witty and a very nice person, just like you!)

    I'm thinking if the school has a day off today, you do too??



  6. Woooo go girl. Awesome post. I love it when you post about makes me feel I know you more.

  7. I love your post about the football game! I used to live in a small town and really enjoyed it!
    Im one of your newest followers from Over 40 follow blog hop.

  8. Congrats on being featured today!
    The ballgame sounds like it was a good one...and isn't the senior year a bittersweet one? I remember all three of ours well...
    Have a relaxing weekend :)Kathy

  9. What a great way to honor the Seniors - I love the numbers on the field!

  10. Hi! I'm visiting (& following) from Follow Friday 40 & Over.

    Congrats on being the featured blog this week!

    Have a great Friday!

    Linda @ Linda's Lunacy

  11. Congrats on being Java's featured blog. It is such a cool and wonderful thing and you have the most amazing blog. I have followed you for quite sometime already but it was cool to be reminded to stop by.
    Take care and keep being that proud mama.
    Have a great afternoon and a blessed weekend

  12. Stopping by on the Follow Friday 40 & Over...Congratulations on being featured!

  13. Congratulations on being featured.
    I love the video...too cute.

    Very nice with the pink shirts and tribute.

    Wonderful memories for everyone.

    Peace...Naila Moon

  14. I come from a very small sports town too..
    Now that my kids are all grown I miss all the craziness of band and sports..oh and then I had grand kids..they are just starting to get serious about their sports; I have a feeling I am going to be spread thin.
    Congrats on the feature!!

  15. The video is so cute! I'd love to see our band do that!!

    And, what a sweet thing to do with those #'s. There is no way our school would do that. We don't have our own stadium, so three schools share one stadium. Still, what a neat tradition!

  16. Hi Mary ~

    Congratulations on being featured!

    I am now a follower of yours from the blog hop!

    Please stop by and say hi and follow back. :-)


  17. Congrats on the feature- that is so cool!

    Oh boy, I remember the old football (and baseball, and basketball...) with 3 boys in at once. Of course, they had different teams, so we would do two games on Saturdays- not back to back so it was an all day event...

    One game on Sunday.

    Geez, life seems so mellow now....

  18. That is so awesome that the team "went pink" for cancer awareness, Mary! AND the field went pink, too!
    Loved this post! Sounds like an awesome school! And I know how proud you must be of your son!


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