Book Club!

A friend/coworker and one of her friends have just started a new book club.  And it's in the form of a BLOG!  They have just started reading "The Help".  My friend is very insightful when it comes to books, and she is just about the most awesome teacher I've ever had the honor to work with.    Check out their new blog:
The Two Pelicans Book Club

Be sure to read the "About Us" section.  Sometimes friends are just meant to be!


  1. I love, love, loved The Help! What a fun way to do a book club.

  2. You'll enjoy it...pretty thought provoking book. Our "library fairy" (a tiny retired librarian) put it on my list of "must reads" a few months ago. I'm glad she did...

  3. I read "The Help" and could not put it down. I'm actually thinking of reading it again, which I've only done with one other book in my lifetime. But I know there is alot that just didn't register with me the first time through.
    And I just love the little snowflakes drifting down over your blog. :-) So relaxing...

  4. haven't read the help yet, but heard lots of good things about it. i'll have to check out amazon and pick up a copy.

  5. Wow! Thanks man! I appreciate the advertising AND the kind words!

    BTW-- We'll see how good I am at teaching tomorrow after a week + off! Oof!

    And THANK YOU for loaning/ recommending THE HELP... Justy FLEW through it! I plan to finish this week-- LOVE IT so far!


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