Thursday "Thangs"

Last week I had to help with "Aimsweb".  Aimsweb is a "test" that each child in the school is given to see how they are doing in literacy; it is used to determine which students require "interventions" with their reading.  This year there is a math one, too, but I'm not involved in that.  Anyway, my part with Aimsweb is to give the student a word, then they sound it out; they have 1 minute to sound out as many words as they can.  I only have to do Kindergarten and First Grades, but it pretty much takes all day.  Which means I don't get to see my speech kids for that day.  (I AM getting to the point of this... promise!)  After I tested this First Grader, she handed me this pink yarn that was all balled up.  "Here, this is for you," she said.  I asked her what it was for, and she said, "Well, I just know you like pink."  (I had on a pink shirt that day.)  The next girl I tested must've sensed I wasn't feeling well...she felt compelled to give me a hug when I finished with her.  Sweet, sweet kids, for sure!

We were promised snow yesterday.  We woke up to rain and a temperature of 46.  By 11:00 the temp had dropped and it was snowing.  Thankfully no one at the Central Office panicked, and we stayed in school for the whole day.  By the time the kids left, the roads were just wet, but there was some snow still on the ground.  Last year there were a couple of days when it snowed after we got to school, someone panicked, and we had early dismissals just to have the snow melt by the time we would've gotten out of school.  I think someone may have learned his lesson!

I watched American Idol last night.  I wasn't too sure about Steven Tyler & Jennifer Lopez, but I have to say, it worked.  Steven brought some chuckles, and Jennifer was sweet, but honest.  That first boy they had on from NC was amazing!  It's going to be interesting to see just how far he goes.

Thanks to everybody who has said prayers for my blogging friend. I got an update today, and she didn't sound very hopeful, especially with some complications she's having.  Please keep your prayers coming.    Non-bloggers just wouldn't understand the connection we feel with each other.  Y'all ROCK!


  1. I like the new judges on Idol too but Steven Tyler freaks me out some times when he's making eyes at the ladies. He's old enough to be some of their grandfathers! :-)

  2. We had about 8" of snow the first of January.
    Luckily it began on a Sunday night.
    The schools were closed the whole week.
    However the students only have to make up three days.
    If we get snow days again it will cut in to spring break.
    I hope not.
    As it is there will be no breaks til April.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I, too, started watching AI this year...primarily out of curiosity. I like the new panel. They seem to fit well together!

  4. Just stopping by to catch up from yesterday's Hodgepodge. Aren't little kids just the best? (most of them, anyway) I used to love getting those special hugs :)
    So sorry about your friend's complications. I'll say a prayer.

  5. Ah, I miss the kiddie love I used to get at school...*smile* True...there is a bloggy connection that non-bloggers are boggled by...say that five times fast!!

  6. Keeping your friend in my prayers.
    Those children were so sweet to you. I love to see that, hope they stay that way. I don't usually watch Idol until the final twelve but I wanted to see the new hosts.
    I am really enjoying them a lot!

  7. Prayers for your friend. XOXOXO
    I like JLo and ST!!!

  8. I hate testing days....they are such an interruption. Will continue to pray for your friend.

  9. How did I miss you post yesterday and today or yesterday and the day before since it's now technically Friday? I'm soooo sorry about your friend. I'm praying now for them. I think it's so sweet that your little kids were so perceptive and did their best to share some sunshine with you. aw! I love that! I was finally able to see Am Idol this week and I love the new judges. I am looking forward to this season. Looks like lots of great talent out there! Have a wonderful Friday! oh and by the way, if I had known you could be bought, we would have worked something out on that Jets/ Pats game. I'm going to remember that next season. :)

  10. I haven't watched Idol for a couple of seasons, but Thomas really wanted to watch, so I'm watching now, lol! I enjoyed it and find the auditions the best part of the season!

    Sorry about your snow! What a year it's been!!!!

    Hugs and prayers to your friend!

  11. I love that the little girl gave you a handful of your favorite color! That's perfect.

  12. You're right-There's nothing like the power of blogger prayers :)

    Loving Steven Tyler and Jay-Lo!

    Sorry you fell behind with your students, but I'm glad you got some lovin' from the kids you did see :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. Oh, I so know what you mean about feeling the connection with blogging friends, Mary! It is wonderful and such a blessing!
    I am loving the new Idol judges...JLo and Steven Tyler. What a refreshing change, though, like you, I'm not caring for the way he acts toward some of the female contestants. Uh...back down please, Mr. Tyler?
    Little ones can be so sensitive sometimes, hm? Just precious....:-)


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