Tuesday This & That

Can you believe we still have spots of snow on the ground?  Those of you in the midwest or the north may be thinking, "Yeah, so what?"  Here in the south, it's very unusual for snow to stay around for more than a day and we've had quite a bit on the ground for a week.  Highly unusual.  This is what my front yard looked like yesterday:

Today it's back to work for me.  Is it bad of me to hope for snow tonight since I have bus duty tomorrow morning?  Give me an inch, and I'll definitely take a mile!

Check this out:

Last weekend I was sitting in the living room and heard this big "THUD".  When I went to investigate, I saw that a pigeon had flown into the window.  Really weird how you can see the outline of the bird.  You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it, then look just under the tennis ball for the outline.
I went to the mall in the "big city" on Saturday because FES needed to get some clothes, and he wanted to go to stores that aren't in our little mall.  So, I dropped him off, then went across the street to Bed Bath, and Beyond, then AC Moore, and then The School Box.  I completely forgot The School Box was over in that area!  And, it just so happened that I needed stickers!  YAY!  I got the neatest thing in AC Moore:

They are little discs that have adhesive on them.  You wet them, then put them on the back of a decorative plate so you can hang them up.  My sister (you know, the one who gives me "stuff"!) had given me these bowls a long, long time ago, and I couldn't figure out how to show them off:

So, I got the disc thingies; now all I have to figure out is where to put them in my kitchen.  I also thought to get one of these, too:
 It's a  peanut butter cup mold!  If you read my posts around Christmas, you may remember that I mentioned that it was time consuming to make peanut butter cups because I only had one mold.  I'm so proud of myself for remembering to buy another one!
Since we haven't had school in what seems like forever, and I go to my mountain school today, I had to find something to play with my students.  My other school has all of the storage space, so that's where I keep my materials.  I found this adorable game:

It seems "babyish", but, believe it or not, even my 4th & 5th graders will enjoy playing it!  Heck, YS even said he wanted to play it to try it out!  Of course, once he lost, he thought it was lame.  He probably would've thought it was fun if he had won!
My mantra for today:  I will have a good day.  Even with this incredibly yucky cough.


  1. Poor little birdie! He was like "LET ME IN - I HATE SNOW!"

    I love kids games - they are thoughtless - which means you can have more fun!!!

  2. Hope the pigeon was all right. You must have very clean windows! :)

    I also hope you're feeling better soon. I know we're a little over 3 weeks with it, and it's gotten very, very old.

  3. That pigeon print is crazy! I hope you feel better soon! Candace

  4. I hope the cough leaves you just as the next inch of snow falls. Today.
    Love those bowls!!!!

  5. Kids games are the best!

    And yikes on that window!

  6. Make sure you follow the directions on those hanger thingies. I haven't had much luck with them.

  7. I love all kids games!!! I also love hanging out in the kitchen gadget section of BB&B. So many cool ideas in that store.

  8. Crazy pigeon. We had a bird that kept trying to get in the French doors for TWO YEARS. I swear, the poor thing must have just knocked his head silly.
    More snow in the forecast this week. What did we do to deserve this?

  9. Yes you still have a good amount of snow on the ground. Can't believe the pigeon flew into you window. Those plant hanger are awesome, I have never seen those. I have to look for them. Glad you remembered your PB mold. Hope your cough goes away.


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