First FFF for 2011

Let's see if I can think of 5 favorite things that happened this week.  I've been such a bear lately; hopefully this will go well!

1.  NO SCHOOL TODAY!  My favorite meteorologist predicted snow last night.  I woke up at 5:30 and...nothing.  I should be used to it; this happens every winter.  I guess weather predicting is a little tricky in the valley.  Anyway, I got up this morning, let the girls out, and decided to hop on the 'puter.  While I was on FB, I got a message that the school system I work for called off school.  We're suppose to get some snow today, so I guess the powers that be decided it would be easier to just call off school than have us get there, then have the monotony and confusion of leaving early;  making sure the kids get home, as well as the staff.  We have some pretty curvy, tricky roads here when the weather is bad.  So glad I got Dexter: Season 4 yesterday!  I have that and a good book to read today, so I'm all set.

2.  Back to school.  I realize that statement totally contradicts #1, but it was good to get back into a routine.  

3.  Keeping with the "back to school" theme:  I had a couple of kids say their /r/ this week!  I couldn't believe it!  (/r/ is the hardest sound in the English language to make.  Say 'er' and think about what your tongue is's a pretty complex sound!)  I had just about given up hope on these kids...they are at the end of their speech therapy stint!  I give each student 2 years:  if they don't progress at all, then I dismiss them.  One of these students is in 4th grade, the other is in 3rd.  The 4th grader has worked so incredibly hard to get this sound, and, when we left for break, he was close to getting it, but didn't have it.  The 3rd grader had just started working on /r/ in nonsense syllables.  Sometimes all it takes is a little break!  The happy dance may have been involved on Wednesday!

4.  Meeting a new student yesterday.  I have a student who was placed with me before Thanksgiving, but, due to some illnesses with him and his family, I hadn't met.  Yesterday was the day.  What a cutie pie!  I can't wait to see what he can do!

5.  This was waiting for me in my box at my school yesterday:
My "Lunch Buddy" gave me a Starbucks Gift Card!  He's the best!  This is also the teacher of "Skunk Ape" and "The Poop Book" fame.  He's a riot!

What was the highlight of your week?


  1. Ha-I love that they close for predicted snow. I get it but it is kind of funny. It is snowing here now...I'd say we have less than an inch at the moment but its supposed to snow all morning and maybe into the afternoon so we'll have some by the end of the day. I think we're supposed to end up with about 5. Hubs went to work so hopefully getting home isn't an issue.

    Congrats on the /r/ breakthrough!!

  2. Yep it sure does look like we have a lot in common! NIce to meet you!! We have a two hour delay today....which thrills me for a Friday! :) Enjoy your day off! Do you teach Special Ed?

  3. Enjoy your day at home...perhaps that will keep the 'bear' at bay for the weekend. :)
    My week has been great, lots of stuff getting done at home and that makes me a happy camper!

  4. Sounds like a great week. And I'm jealous of your day off!!

  5. I was really interested in #3! My son went to speech therapy from kindergarten through 4th grade. Of the 26 letters, there were only a few he pronounced correctly. What an accomplishment when he graduated from the program!

  6. I remember when my son couldn't say his "r's." Oh my, but what a momentous day it was when he finally got it! Thank you for what you do. Moms like me really appreciate it!

    BTW, I got one of those little cards right before we left for the break. Hello Mr. Snowman! Of course he's having to wait a while since I'm on a fast.

    Enjoy your day!

  7. Love your new winter look here!
    Well, we're in one of the counties that wasn't supposed to get anything, yet we have a dusting right now and it sure looks ominous. My son-in-law was incredulous when he moved here and found schools could close for a reasonable PREDICTION of snow.
    He's from Pennsylvania.
    The highlight of my week so far is today - starting to get over the flu! Hooray!!!!!

  8. We had the same in Belgium too, too much snow, fortunately there were the Christmas holidays for the schools. They only start again on Monday. They had 2 weeks off, just the worst snow time !

  9. Love the new look.....loved the post. I am at school today with no kids....teacher work day...our semester ended yesterday.

  10. So often the weather people are way off on their predictions! A good day for you to relax. Hooray for the r's and your cutie pie new student. Have a great weekend.

  11. Yay for getting those pesky /r/s!

    And double yay for snow days :)!

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Stan has a heck of a time pronouncing his vowel/r combinations. Glad they and you found that success with the sound. A lot of hard work paid off. P.S. Looking for a postcard for you. Cannot, for the life of me, find one in our neck of the woods. They sell all kinds of TX stuff but no postcards. Grrr. but! We are going to be at the Space Center think I'll have luck?

  13. Sounds like you got a much needed day off! I hope you got a nap too!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. That would be the day they closed school for a predicted storm around here. Last year school was on even though we were socked into an absolute blizzard. It took them until after 9 am to finally realize they had better close the schools.

    Isn't it a joy when a child finally gets something that is so difficult for them?

  15. Oh yeah! I love those unexpected days off! I start back to teaching classes next week--I look forward to the routines too and seeing the kids.

    Have a happy weekend!

  16. An unexpected day off is always a favorite! It sounds like your teaching is pretty rewarding, how nice!

  17. Nice mailbox surprise!

    We don't get snow days, but we do get hurricane days...sometimes.

    I'm in awe of your job. Speech therapists make such a difference.
    Have a great week.

  18. Hooray for the r breakthroughs! And for what you do for so many children and parents each year, Mary. It makes such a difference. It seems I remember two of my nieces and nephews having difficulty with their r's and l's but with the help of a speech therapist they both learned to say them correctly!
    Sometimes a Friday off is just what the body and soul needs! Enjoy! Love the new blog look!

  19. I can relate about getting back to routine ... and getting a break. :)

    Yay about the kids saying the /r/ sound!

  20. I have been a bear as well. So you are not alone. I have been going through some hard stuff with trying to be a caregiver for my mom. Sometimes you have to be a bear for people to listen LOL...

    I am a new follower through 40 plus friday follow please follow back


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