2011 Recipe Challenge: Round 2

I decided to go rogue this month and post something that I cooked (instead of Youngest Son)!
Paula Deen's Chicken Brunswick Stew
A great meal for a cold winter Saturday night.  CH said he thought it tasted a little "sweet & sour".  It was great over rice:  Add a salad and you've got a dinner.
The hardest part was taking the chicken off of the bone.  I'm sure there's an easy way to do it, so if you have any tips, send them on!  The recipe says to add a little bit of the stock if it gets thick, but I didn't have to add any.
We will definitely have this again...it's a keeper!


  1. I hate taking chicken off the bone, if you come up with a good tip, pass it on!

  2. looks like a great recipe!! my advice for taking the chicken off the bone? buy boneless chicken breasts (LOL) (that's what I do, but I'm so spoiled about it)

    anyway, I am going to earmark that recipe and think about having hubby make it some day soon!

    enjoy Wednesday!


  3. I've never had Brunswick stew; but, it looks delicious. Since it's still cold up here, I need to give it a try!

  4. I am a big fan of Brunswick Stew! Good job!!


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