Gripin' Thursday

Disclaimer:  If you're not in the mood to listen to some gripes, you might want to go ahead and skip this post!

Gripe #1:  Why, oh why, can't people learn to drive around a traffic circle/roundabout?  We have 1 in this county, and it just happens to be on my way to/from my mountain school (because I take a "short cut").  People insist on stopping, waiting for cars to pass, and then decide to go when there's no more cars coming.  IT'S A YIELD SIGN, PEOPLE!  Yield means that if there are cars coming you stop; you don't have to stop if there are no cars coming, or if they're at another yield sign. Drives me absolutely BATTY.  And, it's not like the traffic circle looks like this:
Believe me, it doesn't.  It's a very, very simple traffic circle, and it's quite fun to go around if you don't have to stop for anybody when you come down a hill to go around it.
Gripe #2:  The school system took away our Presidents' Day vacation and the professional development day that was the next day, giving us a total of 4 snow days left.  It snowed last night (just about 1/2 inch at my house) and kids, teachers, and subs are sick.  We have about 5 different bugs going around right now.  The number of kids who are sick is just ridiculous.  And, we're back to school.  Why in the world are they being so stingy with not letting us off?  The only thing I can think of is the state test in April.  Like 2 days are really going matter, especially with so many kids out.

I have to leave on a positive note:  Today is jeans' day at my mountain school, and we're having bbq catered in.  So, today isn't a complete waste.


  1. Actually, did you know we have 2 of those things? They don't bother me and I really haven't encountered any ignorant people around here driving in them. I suppose I'm lucky! haha
    I kind of agree on the school thing too! Knock on wood though we have been lucky with the illness thing. I'm hoping it stays that way!

  2. Legitimate gripes. I hate what schools are doing in trying to swing test scores. It's ridiculous. The kids either know things or they don't. Two more days, even a week are not going to make a difference.

  3. There are three or four small towns within a 75-mile radius of where we live that have traffic circles and they're easily navigated so I can understand your frustation! :-)
    My husband is a private transporter for our local school district so we also understand your frustration in trying to figure out how THEY figure out and justify some of their decisions! Oh my! :-)
    I think you all have had more snow than us this winter!!

  4. As someone who works in transportation engineering people either love or hate the circles. Probably the same people who like merry go rounds.

  5. I hate round abouts...and the belt way in DC for that reason. People cannot drive in them. Hey...quick did you do your button for your blog? I have tried and cannot seem to get it right.

  6. I love fun fun.
    Jeans? perfect.

  7. Hi! Thanks for the follow. I followed back. You have 3 very nice looking young men. Nice to meet a neighbor from down south.

  8. We had a few of those circles in Illinois and I don't get why people have so many problems with them. I thought they were fun!
    Sorry about the school issues but the jean day and BBQ sound good.

  9. It feels good to blog and just "let it all out", doesn't it? The world is a safer place cause we Bloggers have a place to air our frustrations. I hear ya, Girl!!

  10. The UK is full of roundabouts and they work so well...yield to the right is the thing to remember there so here I guess it would be yield to the left : ) Everyone obeys the rules of the roundabout. We had big 'circles', as we called them, in my town growing up. The motto of most people was don't make eye contact and just go for it. Lots of jams...they've taken most of them out and made them intersections now.

    Happy FRIDAY!

  11. had to laugh about the round abouts; where we used to live in Montana, they put a lot of them in since we lived there. When we went to visit last year, it was hard to get used to driving with them, thankfully hubby did all the driving when we were there. It can be a bit confusing if you aren't use to it.

    thanks for your kind comment on my return to blogging :)

    enjoy the week ahead



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