I Just Had to Do It

Yep, it was a pretty good weekend around the house.  Any weekend where I get all of the clothes, towels, plus sheets washed, it's a good weekend.  And,  I put the washing machine through the clean cycle.  I had no idea you were suppose to wash the washing machine once a month, did you?
We've always had trouble with the cable on the bigscreen tv in the man cave.  It would work for a while, then the HD channels wouldn't work and the regular channels would be snowy.  CH thought he had it fixed a few months ago, but...no.  So, Sunday he broke down and went to Best Buy and some little thingy that did the trick. Isn't it amazing how many little gadgets there are for everything?  Like, this little gadget I bought so I can take my memory card out of my camera and transfer the pictures to my laptop because the USB cord that came with my camera doesn't work.
Okay, back to the weekend:  We were able to watch the Super Bowl on the big tv in HD!  HOORAY!  I didn't mean to cheer for one team over the other, but I ended up cheering for the Packers.  I don't know why.  Maybe it was because when I actually liked the Cowboys back in the day, their big rival was the Steelers.  I do like Terry Bradshaw, though.  But, for those of you who don't know, he wasn't playing. Maybe I liked the Packers because Dom Capers is one of their coaches.  (He was the 1st head coach for the Carolina Panthers...we lived in Carolina when the franchise started.)   Maybe I chose the Packers because Aaron Rodgers is much, much cuter than Ben Roethlisberger.
This commercial had me laughing through the whole thing:

What was your favorite commercial?
Everybody else posted something about the Super Bowl; I just had to do it, too!


  1. I was rooting for the Packers too, although like you I do like Terry Bradshaw. Someone at our party said they heard him speak at a work event and he was hysterically funny and so down to earth.

    Also, I like Aaron Rodgers and he is a Young Life alum which makes me happy. Not a fan of Roethlisbeger.

  2. Great Super Bowl game! We rooted for the Steelers. This has been my husband's favorite team for years and when we married, then it became mine. I was not always a professional football fan, but after 32 years of marriage then things about your husband sort of grow on you, like sports. lol But, we were not disappointed with the Packers victory. We like that team, too. Aaron Rodgers is awesomely good.

    One of the best commericals I saw was for cars.com. I should look for it to post on my blog. There don't make as funny Super Bowl commericals as they use to, but that comes to no shock considering anything that has to do with comedy and TV has declined over the years.

    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday!

  3. I never knew the washer had to be washed once a month?!?!?!

    My favorite commercial was Darth Vador boy....that is S.O. Stan the man! He actually thinks he is using the force at Target when the doors slide open...as well as Kohl's dept. store :)

  4. You are supposed to clean your washing machine? Who knew?!

  5. OMG! Are we related? Are you my long lost twing? I was such a huge Cowboys fan from the time I was a kid until the Carolina Panthers (did you notice they played like they weren't wearing cups this season?); I love Terry Bradshaw; and I ended up pulling for the Packers! But my reason is that I don't care for Rothlisberger. LOL I loved the Doritos house sitter commercial and the Pepsi one where she hit the girl in the head.

  6. Ypur video won't open for me, so I have to know what your favorite was. Mine was the Darth Vader kid. So cute!
    I did a post on the Super Bowl, too, but since I don't know a packer from a steeler, my post took a slightly different turn: the Pizza Bowl.

  7. I just want to know: HOW many cups of coffee did you have prior to writing this???

  8. Hubby was for the Packers, so I was too.
    I must say it was a pretty good game.

    I didn't know you were suppose to wash the washing machine.
    So do you set it on super wash and add detergent, then let it do its job?

  9. It always feels good to get the laundry done but why does it have to reappear so quickly? So glad you got your TV working correctly.
    I cheered for the Packers too. I must have missed that commercial. I did enjoy them.

  10. Thomas stayed up to watch the game as he's from WI and a HUGE Packers fan. I watched the commercials on Yahoo and really liked them this year. Not sure what my favorite was but the Doritos ones were pretty cute!


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