Fab 50 Wednesday Hodgepodge

Wow.  Have we really been doing this for almost a year already?  Where does the time go?
Thanks, Joyce, for effortless coming up with questions for us every week!

1. What gives you goosebumps?
There are so many things that give me goosebumps:  Hearing a high school marching band playing a song, listening to a story that is just incredible, or relaying an incident that was just weird.
2. Halloween-are you a lover or a hater? Okay, that sounds harsh...Halloween-yay or nay?
Yay if it's like it was when we were growing up.  Nay now that it's different.  I think it's so sad that the kids today don't get to experience real trick-or-treating:  Going around to neighborhood houses and getting a stash of candy, whether you knew the person or not.
3. Can you respect someone you do not trust, and can you trust someone you do not respect?
I think it's possible to respect someone you don't trust, but I don't think you can trust someone you don't respect.  (Where the heck did this question come from???)  : =)

4. Apples or oranges? Yes, you have to choose.
Oranges. Especially in the winter.
5. What is something you wish was in your town? (shop, restaurant, attraction, etc)
Wild Wing Cafe.  (That's for you, Karen!)  I really love that restaurant.  It's not real far from my house, but we don't get out there very often.  It's hard to justify driving 20 minutes to eat wings when there are restaurants in the small town.
6. What non-food item is in your refrigerator or freezer?
I have a couple of those ice things you put in your lunch box to keep the food cold.
7. Are you at all superstitious?
Not really.  But, when the Braves were playing in the World Series in 1991, I think everybody was following the same ritual during every game.

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
Look what I saw as I came in the door the other day:
  I don't know if Pepper (my jack russell mix) was trying to hide the food from Ally , or what was going on!  Usually Ally will nudge the rug over the food (I guess to hide it from Pepper), so I'm not sure if it was maybe Ally hiding the food from Pepper.  I would've loved to have had a "nanny cam" that day!

Last week, I met one of my favorite blogging buddies in real life!  We've been trying to meet ever since I started blogging; she's one of the first blogs that I started reading, and she was one of my first followers.  It was great!  Nothing weird or awkward while we sat in Shoneys and ate dessert!  (Thanks for dessert, Karen!)  The picture is courtesy of Karen & her hubby:


  1. How fun to meet up in real life! The picture of the dog food antics cracks me up : ) You do kinda wonder what went on while you were out. Enjoy your day!

  2. Your picture of the dog food cracked me up ...I have a wire fox terrier and that is her favorite toy we call it her baby! It doesn't have eyes anymore but it's been around the longest of any toy!

    So cool you met a fellow blogger I hope to some day!
    Have a wonderful WednesdaY!

  3. I wish we had a Cheesecake Factory in our town (my waistline doesn't, but the rest of me does :)).

    I loved your London posts! What an awesome trip :).

  4. Yes, I would love to know what was going on with your dogs on that particular day...LOL

    Oh, you met Karen! I've read her blog a few times myself. What fun!

  5. Loved your responses...and I should have said hearing the National Anthem gives me goosebumps....and I can't believe I did not say I want a Wild Wings in Roanoke...I guess it was too far of a stretch even for me to wish for. I loved meeting you too last week...and felt like I had known you forever. It was the high point of my trip!

  6. How wonderful to meet one of your blogging buddies!

  7. Totally awesome that you got to meet a bloggy friend in real life! Love that! We have a Wild Wings but we don't go. Unless the lovelies are home!

  8. How funny about the dogs. I really would love one day to understand what dogs are thinking sometimes. I think it is probably much more complex than we could ever imagine.

  9. Wow! You got to meet a fellow blogger. That is just awesome. Who knows? Maybe Joyce will recommend a "Hodgepodge Meet-up" one year and we can all decide if we could attend.

  10. I am with you on the oranges in the winter a bit more vitamin c is always needed come see my answers at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  11. I think it's wonderful when people who meet up on the internet get to meet in "real" life. I've made many friends from being online....and we love getting together. I haven't met any blogger friends yet....I really haven't been blogging log enough to get to know anyone just yet. Someday!!!

  12. Its so nice to meet up with other bloggers. I have met up with Joyce - yes, who does this link up. Just stopping by from Wed. Hodgepodge.

  13. I LOVE a HS marching band!!! I thought I would be the only person in the world to get all goose pimply when I hear one! I get so mad when I watch a game on TV and they talk over the half time!!! What's Up With That!!!

  14. Mmm, I love a good winter orange.

    That picture is adorable.

    We still do traditional Halloween trick or treat. My kids love it.

  15. Oh good - it's not just me then!
    My Jack Russell, Milo (RIP) used to eat a mouthful of food and then put a toy on top until he came back later. My sister always said he was getting the toy to "save his place" for him.

    20mins to get wings? EASY!

    Before McDonalds opened up in my town, we'd think nothing of piling into the car and driving the 6hrs to the next town to get a Big Mac!

    Mind you, I live in Western Australia so my state alone is half the size of the entire US of A... when it's 18hrs to get to the nearest city, 6hrs to the next town is just around the corner :)

  16. Lucky you! There are many bloggers I'd love to meet in real life--you included!

  17. Maybe the stuffed toy was hungry and the dog was sharing. I have the same feeling about Halloween. It was much more fun when I young.

  18. What fun to meet up in real life. I have a long list of bloggers who I'd love to meet up with (you included, of course!!).

    I thought the same thing that LynnMarie thought ... that the stuffed animal was hungry! ha!

  19. I actually didn't like oranges until I was an adult- no idea why- but now I love them. I also think it is sad how skanky Halloween has become.


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