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~  This week was Red Ribbon Week.  I read several posts yesterday from "Proud Mommy Moments" that mentioned what their kids' schools did this past week.  One of my schools didn't do a whole lot; I think they opted more for a couple of breast cancer awareness things, but the other school really got into it.  We have a great SRO (School Resource Officer) who fits right in with the staff.  He organized all of the events.  Tuesday was "Character Day".  One of the 3rd Grade Teachers dressed up as "The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly".  This teacher is AWESOME.  This is her first year at our school, and she not only fits right in, but makes things more fun.
~  Have I mentioned how glad I'll be when October is over?  Having jury duty the week after fall break really made me put a crunch on my IEP meetings, since I couldn't schedule anything that week.  I was suppose to have 10 meetings last week...that would be one at 7:15 a.m. and another at 3:00 p.m. every day.  A couple of parents requested changes, so that spared me a little bit.

~  If I can just get through this weekend, things will calm down.  Small Town High's band has our band competition on Saturday.  This, along with the home game concessions, is our big fundraiser.  Luckily the game tonight is away, so we'll be able to get some things set up this afternoon; we won't have to be at the school quite so early tomorrow.   20 bands have signed up; the competition starts at 1:00, and awards are given at 7:30.  

~  When does the time change?  Surely it must be soon.  I don't like driving to work when it's pitch dark.

~  Anybody else watching "Revenge"?  I almost made it through the whole episode last night, but I'm pretty sure I dozed off during part of it.  I'm going to have to see what I missed on the internet.

~  Check out my new slippers:
Not only are they cute, but very comfy!  

Hope everybody had a wonderful week!


  1. The clocks go back Nov 6th...a little later than normal I think. I hate the dark afternoons though.

    Cute slippers! Have fun this weekend...we're expecting snow. Oh joy. That's sarcasm btw : )

  2. I think the time changes next weekend. I'm not looking forward to it. Don't like it getting dark so early.

    Sock monkeys give me the heebies jeebies! Check out The Crafty Pirate facebook page--she makes a cute hat that would go great with your slippers!

  3. I watch Revenge. What do you need to know? A great site for catching up is

  4. Love the slippers! I'd been wondering about the time change too. November 6 seems so late to me. I just heard we're going to have snow tomorrow! And it's still October. I feel like I've lost a few months of my life--I came to Assisi House on August 3 right from the hospital. Hard to believe I've been here 3 months!

  5. Love those slippers and I am with you on driving to work in the dark. I think time changes the weekend of Nov 4th.

  6. It's almost time for the time change, Nov 6. I was excited because I thought yay an extra hour of sleep. Except then I realized my kids will probably just get up an hour earlier. Sigh...

    I have been watching Revenge! I started watching on a whim and didn't really expect to like it that much, but I am really liking it!

  7. I love the sock monkey slippers! As your other commenters have indicated, we return to Standard Time at 2:00 am on November 6.

    The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly is hilarious. Great idea for a great fundraiser.

  8. The time change is Nov 6th, I just googled it! Love the slippers. Actually I decided not to watch Revenge but then I was board with TV one afternoon and I went to On Demand. They have a lot of regular TV shows listed so I watched the first two episodes and liked it. I think I was protesting the fact that Brothers & Sisters was over and I liked her on that show! I haven't watched this weeks yet.

  9. Oh my gosh - I LOVE those slippers...and The Man would especially love them AND needs new slippers - where did you get them?

  10. Those slippers are cute! If you send me a pair, I'll let you know if I agree they are comfy or not.

    Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

  11. Wow! Your life is busy!! Those slippers are adorable. I can't wait for the time change too. I don't like J&J going to school in the dark.

  12. Cute slippers! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  13. I love those slippers!

    I'd rather have it dark in the morning than in the evening. When it gets dark so early, it feels like it's time to go to bed right after dinner. I wish we could have the longer days of summer year 'round. ;-)

  14. Time changes next weekend! Woohoo! I, too, will be glad to not have to drive daughter to school in the dark!
    I thought of you during mass this morning, we sang The Servant Song, which is my all time favorite. When you posted that video with it awhile back I listed to it over and over again!


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