Fun Day

Yesterday was a fun day.  I met up with the "special ed ladies" at one of their houses.  Our hostess made Italian Wedding Soup and Split Pea Soup (I skipped that one...not a fan of the pea!).  We all brought something.  The plan was to get together and eat lunch, and we all brought a project or a book.  That last part was a waste, because all we did was talk!  From 11:00 to 3:00, that's pretty much all we did.
Our hostess has a very nice screened in back porch, so we ate there, listening to the birds and the occasional bark from a neighbor's dog.  We talked about our families, things in the news, and (of course) school.  It was such a good time!
This was the biggest hit:
Unfortunately, I wasn't the one who brought it!  I'm not sure what all is in it, but she said that the crust was made from a cake mix.  Very good, and very light.  Perfect for a summer dessert!

One of the ladies brought a quilt she is working on:
Let me say this:  People who are crafty amaze me.  All of my sisters are, but somehow that gene fizzled out before it got to me...or mom's patience did.  One or the other!  I started to learn how to crochet once, and I can do counted cross-stitch.  Part of my problem is that I don't want to put it down until it's finished, and I think it should be finished in one sitting.  I guess that's the patience part!

The hostess lives on the  "Curves" side of town, so after I left her house I went Curving.  We're talking full-blown Curving!  The only thing I went easy on was the 2 machines that involve the twisting of the back.  I definitely don't want a repeat of  the sciatica bout!

It felt really great to be able to sit down with friends for a nice outdoor lunch and not have to worry about rushing off to get my next group of students!  Don't you just love summer?


  1. Hello and thanks for your comment and visiting my blog yesterday. I will miss my friend.

    Now your luncheon sounded delicious. I would have tried the pea soup and I think I have seen it before on Pinterest.

    I see you have Loyola on your blog - is that the college - my husband went there.

    I also see autism there also - I worked with autistic children for years.

    Anyway - HELLO!


  2. Yes, I do love Summer.
    Geez, you run with some very talented people. Be nice to them and perhaps they'll give you something sometime!
    That quilt looks AMAZING!
    Glad you're enjoying the moments!

  3. Now that sounds like a perfect afternoon! That quilt is so pretty. I use to craft in my 20's and 30's but not so much anymore.
    So glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Sounds great to me!! That "pizza" looks yummy!

    As for crafting, that's why I refuse to scrapbook! I hate not being able to finish quickly!!!!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day! That dessert looks delicious and what can be better than relaxing with a group of friends talking a beautiful day away.

    Have a great day!

  6. Happy that you had time to meet up, eat, and visit! I love moments like that and for me, they are far and few in between.

  7. What a wonderful day to spend a summer day. That dessert looks delicious!!

  8. This looks/sounds like a lovely afternoon. LOVE the fruit dish...and who eats pea soup? :) It always reminds me of the movie The Exorcist. Yikes.


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