Summer Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~  Well, I missed posting twice this week.  Looks like I may be back-sliding into the blogging black hole.

~  YS had his wisdom teeth cut out yesterday.  No funny videos to show you...he behaved very well...unfortunately.  See, even my kids aren't giving me good material to blog about!

~  I met with the SLP who will be taking over "my" school next year.  She's going to fit in just fine.  Nothing like meeting a new SLP who is your son's age.  Guess I'm going from being a "friend" stage to being like a "mother" stage.    Weird.

~  One of the teachers I worked with last year posted on fb that she has almost lost the baby weight (she had a baby in Feb.).  I had to fuss at her when the last couple of days before school was out, because she was doing some ridiculous 900 calorie days.  Anyway, when she posted the weight post, I commented that I hoped she was eating, and she said "Yes, mom".  Guess it's time to face reality, huh? I feel like I'm there age, but they're quick to remind me that I'm not.  :(

~  A gripe:  Why do some people insist on going through a drive through when they should go inside?  And why do employees not tell them to come inside when there are 5 cars behind him?  Yesterday, when I went to get YS' prescriptions filled, I was in a hurry so went through the drive through.  There were 2 cars ahead of me, and the first was just finishing up.  The one directly in front of me to at least 15 minutes.  (NO LIE)  There are 2 drive throughs, but to get a prescription, I want to see the person face-to-face, so I stayed in the one closest to the building.  And yes, I voiced my frustration to the young man.  I can blame that outburst on hormones, right?

~  Laika graduated from puppy school last night, but I didn't go.  She even got a little certificate!  I didn't realize how much I missed having a big dog.

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  1. You are having an interesting summer. I am impressed that you have read 11 of your 20 book goal. Read anything good?

  2. Congratulations to Laika! Also, it is important to lose weight the right way. Many people do not do so and it is unhealthy.

  3. Congrats to your puppy!

    That age thing does have a tendency to sneak up on us. I used to be the youngest here at work, now I'm almost the oldest. I could be the mother of half of these people I work with! Wow!

  4. You could make a post out of YS's reaction to what you wrote about the wisdom teeth extraction. I imagine YS might give a good comment. Even tougher that being noticed as old by younger co-workers is working for a much younger boss.

  5. Yep, I'm the Mom age, too. But at least they aren't calling me Grandma!

  6. Congratulations to Laika! I'm partial to bigger dogs ... and if we add a dog to our family, it'll likely be a bigger dog.

    And like StillMagnolia, I'm interested to know if you have any recommendations from your reading list.

  7. I just hate it when other people lose weight! Of course, it does need to be done in a healthy manner. We had a school wide event one year to encourage fitness. One young lady who was very overweight lost way too much too quickly. She had very serious health problems as a result of extreme dieting.

  8. Poor YS! Ouch!

    I get the mom thing all the time now but it us very liberating if you take advantage of it! Be sassy and wise!

  9. Ah, those wisdom teeth- we had to go through that, x 4. It's so much different now than when I had mine out. And that's a GOOD thing. A very good thing. And yes, blame it on hormones. I do. And then I dare anyone to comment about it. LOL

  10. would love to have a puppy...
    dieting is something i need to do, for sure.

  11. among my kids' friends, i'm in the mom stage. seems weird, even then. great catching up with you. congratulations on the puppy... adorable!

  12. I just can't post daily, it's just too much for me but I have actually had several lately just because of things that came up.
    I hang with a lot of younger woman at bowling. They value our opinion!
    Congrats to Laika. I remember at Skye's they put a cap on them and take picture. I can tell you that what Skye learned at six months old is still ever present at 3 1/2.
    I am so happy I took her.

  13. 900 calories? I think I just ate that for breakfast. That isn't healthy...either one. :0
    Don't stress about NOT posting everyday. Who needs that stress. I find that I can't post as much because I am so behind in reading from my 'reader'. Ughhhh. I can never catch up.


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